Apr 7, 2008

Drying Out

This past weekend was a great reading weekend. It started raining here Friday and didn't stop until late last nite. It was a nice steady rain that will be good for the yard. I spent alot of time curled up on my couch reading. Since I'd finished THE LOVELY BONES, I was ready to start a new book so I picked up DEEP DISH, by Mary Kay Andrews. I've been looking forward to this one. Its southern fiction with alot of humor and after reading some pretty serious books lately I am ready for some lighter reading. If you're from the South, like I am, you can really appreciate this author. I made a pretty good dent in it the past few days so I'll give a full review once I've finished.

Sunday's bible study was very good. We're doing a series on 'Comebacks' and this week we focused on emotional comebacks. Troubled relationships, etc. It really hit close to home with me, as I'm experiencing some problems in my life with a family member. Its been going on for almost 4 months now and it bothers me every day. In church, we focused on guilt, grief and grudges and how to let go of all three and hand it over to God. Its actually hard for alot of people to do. You can't change people or even change what they think of you. Sometimes you have to just move past it and go forward. I found myself wishing that the family member I am at odds with were there in church with me.

A cheerful heart (emotions) is good medicine, but a broken spirit (emotions) saps a person’s strength. Proverbs 17.22

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