Apr 14, 2009

It's Tuesday! Where Are You?

My name is Etta Place. Well, that's not my real name, but its been my name for almost two years now. Ever since my father committed suicide back in Pennyslvania in 1898 and I had to go into hiding from the people he owed money to. Really bad people. I was in Grand Junction, Colorado for awhile working as a "Harvey Girl", serving train passengers their meals until the son of a wealthy family thought he could have his way with me. I was able to get away, but not without shooting and killing him. No one believed my story though and now I'm on the run again - from the law. I've made some friends with some outlaws and they brought me to a place where the notorious Hole In The Wall Gang hides out. I've recently met Butch Cassidy, the leader of the gang and The Sundance Kid. I find Mr. Longbaugh (The Sundance Kid) very handsome, quiet and polite and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better. ~ ETTA by Gerald Kolpan

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I usually include a Teaser for Teaser Tuesday, however, I left my book in someone elses car yesterday and I won't get it back until later today! I was so upset with myself!! Anyway, I hope you all have a great Tuesday! Happy Reading!


  1. I like the concept of this book. I'm guessing here, but I'll bet she ends up as the girlfriend - if she sticks around.

  2. I've wondered about this book-I look forward to your final thoughts on it. Nothing worse than forgetting your somewhere, especially when you want to get back to it.

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  4. you'll have to come back and post a teaser once you get your book. From the "Where are you?" it sounds like a great book. I've been to a lot of those "hide-outs" of Butch Cassidy and his gang. Pretty rugged terrain.

    I am here

  5. I have this on the tbr pile but just haven't gotten to it yet. Your post makes me think I better move it up in the pile. Thanks for sharing.

    my teaser is here

  6. You can post two teasers next week!

    The concept of this book sounds really good. Will be interested to see your review.


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