Nov 12, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Too Short?

This week's BTT asks . .

"Life is too short to read bad books" I've always heard that. Do you read books all the way through to the end no matter how bad they are out of some sense of obligation? Or will you abandon a book if it just isn't working for you?

My response:

Obviously, no one expects to not finish a book when they begin reading, so it's always disappointing when one just lacks something. I, personally, don't have a definitive answer either way. Although I have abandoned books, I don't do it often. That said, I'm more apt to stop reading a book now more than before, because I'm reading more than ever and there are just so many I want to get my hands on. I really do try to give the book all the benefit possible and I'll go as far as 100 pages in before I finally decide I've had enough and just can't go on. There have been a few that I did finish and then afterwards, just shook my head and say Why did I waste my time? But that just makes me appreciate the next great book even more!

How do you feel about abandoning books? Do you do it or do you keep trudging on? Visit Booking Through Thursday for more responses to this question.


  1. That's a very positive attitude - I guess it's true that bad books make us appreciate the great ones even more! I like that.

  2. Very few will keep me trudgin on. I will most likely abandon it and grab another book.

  3. Good answer. Here is mine:

  4. I rarely abandon books, but sometimes I feel like I should.

  5. One of the women in an old book group of mine was famous for that quote!

    Like you, I rarely give up on a book, but I do sometimes. Interestingly, I did both just this week! I was reading one book that just did not grab me (though others have liked it very much) but I kept going till the end, then regretted the wasted reading time, though I was glad I had given it a fair try. That one was a book sent to me for review so I felt I needed to see it through.

    I started a new audio this week and today, at the start of disc 2, just got fed up with it and gave up!

    There are so many good books out there!


  6. I don't abandon too many books but I will if it's really not interesting to me in any way. Usually I give them 50 pages or so to grab my attention in some way. There's just so many books to read that it does seem a waste to keep reading something that just isn't doing it for you.


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