Nov 30, 2011

Review: Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #4)

The Southern Vampire series featuring telepath Sookie Stackhouse, a cocktail waitress from Bon Temps, LA, and written by the amazing Charlaine Harris has become my favorite guilty pleasures.  I've been taking my time reading these books, mainly my 'in-between' reads.  I have enjoyed all four I've read but DEAD TO THE WORLD is my favorite by far. Here's a quick rundown on what this installment is about but don't worry, I won't give anythingt away.


After Sookie and a few of her two-natured friends rescue vampire Bill Compton in book 3, CLUB DEAD, she is looking forward to some piece and quiet without any drama. But, as usual, drama is always looking for Sookie. And it finds her on her way home from Merlottes's, the bar where she works, late one night. To her amazement, she runs across Eric, the Sheriff of Area 5, and owner of Fangtasia, a very successful vampire bar in Shreveport. She nearly runs him over with her car and upon stopping, discovers that he is not only buck-naked, but completely without his memory.  He has no idea how he got there, why he is naked and most frightening of all, he doesn't know who he is.

Never before has she felt such compassion for this normally over-confident, arrogant, not to mention very sexy vampire. But she can't help herself. Obviously, someone has put a spell on Eric which has turned him into a vulnerable, even likable vampire and Sookie simply cannot turn her back on him no matter how much she may end up regretting it later.

While Sookie and the other vamps try to figure out who - or what - has done this to Eric, she agrees to let him stay with her at her family home for his own protection. To make matters even worse, her brother Jason, has become missing and no one seems to know where he is. So Sookie, once again has her plate full.  Between worrying about her brother, taking care of Eric while concealing his presence at her house, Sookie is stretched pretty thin. Complicating the situation further is having this helpless, vulnerable version of Eric in her home. She is taken off guard by the innocence and caring nature of this new Eric. She must keep reminding herself that things will surely return to normal once the culprit is exposed and the spell is reversed.


OK, I've already mentioned that this is my favorite book so far and now I'll tell you why.  First and foremost, even though I am a Bill Compton fan, I've always enjoyed the chemistry between Eric and Sookie and Harris has taken it to a whole new level with this latest twist.

Another plus is that with each adventurous installment, we are introduced to more magical creatures. In this book, we encounter witches, faeries and even the deadly werepanthers. But Harris weaves these new characters masterfully with the already established vampires and shapeshifters. It makes for a great landscape of exciting storytelling.

I love that each new book starts within days of the previous books ending. It is like one continuous story and nothing is lost in between. I love the characters, old and new, in this book and the mystery of Jason's disappearance and Eric's spell makes for a very interesting ride. I love the unexpected change in Sookie's relationship with Eric, even though I'm a die-hard Bill Compton fan. I must warn you though - some of the scenes with Eric and Sookie are hot, Hot, HOT!! Charlain Harris has done a fantastic job with DEAD TO THE WORLD and makes me want to dive right into the next book! If you're looking for something different, quick and fun to read, pick up a Sookie Stackhouse mystery and you will not be disappointed!

Author:  Charlaine Harris
Publisher: Ace
Published: 2004
Pages: 304
Rating 4.5 out of 5

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  1. I love how you're still excited about this series at book 4. I read the first one and have book 2 on my shelf at home. This sounds great and the chemistry will certainly make me want to read it!


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