Jun 20, 2013

Review: Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews (Kindle Edition)

Mary Kay Andrews is a favorite author of mine that I have enjoyed reading for many years.  I love her escapist novels for their Southern charm, clever wit and entertaining characters and stories, so I was surprised that I'd fallen behind and somehow let SPRING FEVER slip through my radar! I used to stalk her blog and lie in wait for her next release and somehow I got off track. With her new book, LADIES NIGHT, released on May 28th, I decided to get busy and read SPRING FEVER first.

About the Book

In the small town of Pascoe, North Carolina, Annajane Hudgens works at the soda-pop company that pretty much keeps the town afloat, and happens to be the family business of her best friend, Pokey and her ex-husband, Mason Bayless.  Though Mason and Annajane have been divorced for five years, they still work together and have a civil relationship with each other. But when Mason is set to marry his new girlfriend, Annajane is surprised by her sudden feelings of regret over her divorce. When an emergency takes place during the wedding that turns the whole event upside down, Annajane is thrown smack into Mason's life again,  much to the dismay of Celia, Mason's bride-to-be.

As Annajane prepares to wrap things up at Quixie, the beloved family business, and move to Atlanta to be with her fiance, she overhears a suspicious phone conversation of Celia's. Annajane doesn't trust Celia and her so-called business savvy as far as she can throw her, so she feels torn between starting her new life with Shane or helping her ex-husband save the struggling company that has been in his family for generations.

My Thoughts:

I could tell right away that SPRING FEVER was going to be exactly what I was looking for. Though I've read all of her books, excluding her very latest LADIES NIGHT, I haven't felt the immediate connection to the main characters  since Weezie and Bebe, who were the stars of her earliest books, SAVANNAH BLUES and SAVANNAH BREEZE. Those characters will always be my favorites, but Annajane and Pokey are wonderful in their own rite. In fact, all of the characters in this book were really good and likable. Mary Kay Andrews has a knack for creating great characters with goodness and quirkiness that makes them unforgettable. Even Celia, in all her deviousness, was a great character that I just wanted to get blown out of the water!

A big plus for this novel was the multi-layered plot that gave more depth to the story.  Aside from the obvious relationship angle between Annajane and her ex-husband, Mason, was the battle for controlling interest of Quixie, the struggling family owned soft drink company. I loved the business aspect of the story because it brought all of these characters together for better or worse.   In the first few chapters, the history of both the characters and the business were revealed by flashbacks seen through Annajane's perspective. I thought that was a great way to introduce the complicated dynamics of these people. Once all that was revealed, the story was then told in the present tense. It worked beautifully and gave the reader a full understanding of the past.

I feel this book brought Mary Kay back to the quality of her earlier books that I loved so much, like the aforementioned SAVANNAH BLUES, along with LITTLE BITTY LIES and HISSY FIT.  I was totally surprised when a big twist was revealed near the end of this book that I wasn't expecting.  Though I've enjoyed reading her other recent books, DEEP DISH and SUMMER RENTAL, for me, this one stands out as one of her best. It has rejuvenated me and has made me very anxious to read LADIES NIGHT.

If you are looking for great summer reading, you should definitely pick up a Mary Kay Andrews book. SPRING FEVER is a terrific choice and I promise you'll catch the fever.

SPRING FEVER (Kindle Edition)
Author: Mary Kay Andrews (@mkayandrews)
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Published: June 5, 2012
Length: 416 pp
Source: Purchased
Recommend? Yes! This is a terrific summer read!


  1. It's been on my wish list for a while. Loved your review, Lisa. Think I'm going to use an audible credit.

  2. I listened to this book last year and liked it a lot too.

  3. I do like this author and will certainly try to find time to read this one!


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