Jan 7, 2018

Happy New Year!

This is my first post of 2018 and marks my 10th year of blogging here on Southern Girl Reads. I honestly never expected to be Writing and sharing my love of books for this long but I am thrilled just the same. Although I have to admit, this will more than likely be my last year. As many of you may know I suffer from a Progressive retinal disease that is slowly taking more and more of my vision. I have been able to hang on much longer than I thought. As you will see there will be many changes in the way I post. My reviews will not have as many links or images as normal. These days it is extremely difficult for me to use my regular computer so thanks to modern technology I am using my iPhone to publish my posts. It’s a bit awkward, especially in the beginning, but I’m hoping it will become easier as time goes on. I use the dictate feature on my phone now so I must apologize in advance for any grammatical errors that may occur. I will try my hardest to catch them before posting but I’m sure some will sneak by me. I only ask that you bear with me and excuse my errors. I appreciate so much the loyalty of my readers and of my fellow bloggers who over these last 10 years have become friends for life. Some of you I’ve gone on to become friends on Facebook and other social media and those relationships mean a lot to me. Now that I have all of that over with, let’s get back to the books!

For this post I simply wanted to lay out what my goals are for this coming year. It has dawned on me that I have so many books on my Kindle that have been unread and I want to correct that. Though I will be reviewing new releases, I plan to spend a lot of time reading books from my TBR pile that I have had for some time. They may not all be current releases but I promise they will be interesting and, who knows, you may see some books you’ve never heard of before. 

Though I haven’t posted in a few months I have been reading quite a lot. Now that I have this app to help me post from my phone I will be going back and posting reviews of books I recently read. They consist of fiction, nonfiction and even some audio book reviews

I hope you will join me in this, my last year of blogging. I still have a lot of books I want to share with you. I’m very excited about the first audio book I’m reading this year. It’s by Oprah Winfree called The Wisdom of Sundays. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a book about positivity and goodness knows we need all of the positivity we can get in this crazy world. I plan to start listening to it this week but in the meantime I have some other audio reviews to share.

Thanks for stopping by on this Sunday and I look forward to posting again soon. I wish you all a happy new year full of wonderful books!


  1. I'm glad you're back. I don't keep a lot of books on my Kindle anymore. I just transfer over what I am reading at the time. I don't know, I feel so accomplished doing it this way.

  2. Didn't know about your vision problems. Although, I might have visited here before? I am glad you still have fun with your reading and setting reading goals.

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