Jul 6, 2009

It's Monday! What are your reading?

Each Monday, J.Kaye poses the question - What are you reading this week? Sometimes I know exactly what I'm going to read, and other times, it changes as the days go by.

This week, though, I have a pretty good idea. I've been reading Kate Morton's THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON and I should be finishing it early this week.

As for what's next, I'm hoping to borrow a copy of THE ONLY TRUE GENIUS IN THE FAMILY by Jennie Nash from the library this week. I read the first chapter as part of Books-A-Million's Preview Club several weeks ago and was immediately hooked by her writing style. It just seemed so readable and something I would enjoy.

While I'm at the library I'm going to check out a few authors and see what is available. They are:
  • George Pelecanos - THE TURNAROUND or THE NIGHT GARDENER I'd be thrilled with either of these two books.
  • Emyl Jenkins - STEALING WITH STYLE. This is the first in the Sterling Glass Mystery Series and it just soundS like good fun. The second book, THE BIG STEAL is to be released later this month so I want to be ready!
  • Charlaine Harris - The Southern Vampire Series - I've never been one to read vampire-themed books, but this series has my attention. I've heard so many bloggers talking about Sookie that I have to meet her!
  • Elizabeth Berg - I've been wanting to read one of her books for awhile.
I could list several more, but I'll stop there! I'm anxious to see what I bring home. What about you? Do you have a plan for the week, or are you like me and it's up in the air?


  1. I absolutely love the Sookie books -- I hope you do too! I am looking forward to reading Genius as well -- now if I could only find the time!

  2. I'm reading Sookie books, too. I just luv Charalaine Harris writing. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  3. Oooh, I loved The House at Riverton... if you get the chance read The Forgotten Garden by her as well... fantastic. Have a great reading week.

  4. I've heard great things about the Sookie books! I hope you enjoy them!

  5. Had to laugh about the Sookie Series. Did you sign up for the reading challenge too? I did. Figured it's the only way I'll get caught up on the series.

  6. Oh that just reminded me.

    I didn't do too good this week. Update 2

  7. I am halfway through Lee Child's latest, "Gone Tomorrow" and just finished Michael Connelly's latest, "The Scarecrow".

    Next up this week is "Irreplaceable" by Stephen Lovely.

    All Berg books are not created equal, IMO....some are better than others. For someone with semi-grown children, I always recommend "Pull of the Moon" altho I read it when my children were younger. "Talk before Sleep" is a really old one of hers, but IMO, her best. I also liked "Never Change" and, in fact, just re-read it, but on audio.

    Here is Berg's blog page with all her books and a synopses and comment about each one (why she wrote it, etc)


  8. I have the Turnaround checked out, read the first Sookie..the other books that are on your list are ones that I want to read!! I do have my reading week planned out because I have 1 book due 7/11 and 2 that are due 7/13 and I can't renew them again!!!

  9. You've got me interested in The Only True Genius in the Family!

  10. I really enjoyed The Only True Genius in the Family. I hope you do too. I'm just getting started on the Sookie books this week....I hope. lol.

  11. Have fun with the Sookie books

  12. I really need to jump on the Sookie Stackhouse bandwagon! I hear so many great things about the series, I just need to get to it!

    My Monday list is here

  13. Great choices, I got The Night Gardener on audio from the library but haven't started it yet.
    Have your read Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden ~ I loved it!
    Have a great reading week

  14. I have read all the Sookie books -- started when the first one came out -- they are one of my favorite series. Although I don't care as much for the TV show -- which is strange I know. I hope you enjoy them also :-)


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