May 10, 2010

Musing Mondays: Reading Time

Today's musing is about reading time . . .

Do you have to carve out time for reading due to work or other obligations? Or does your reading just happen naturally? (This question is courtesy of MizB)

My answer -

Up until a year ago when I worked full time, I had to schedule my time to read. I would come home each weekday and read for an hour before I did anything. And on weekends I usually read more in the morning while waking up and drinking coffee before I started my regular chores around the house. Sometimes, I'd read during commercials while watching TV in the evenings or during football games, I'd keep the TV volume low and read and listen to the game at the same time.

When I became unemployed, I thought I was going to have all this free time and I would blaze through books like crazy. But a very wise friend of mine, Dar, told me that that may not happen. She said even when you stay at home, something always pops up that will take you away from your reading. And boy, was she right! In the first few months of not working I barely got any reading done at all. It seemed there was always some thing or another that kept me away from my books. It was hard to believe I got more reading done while working, I guess because of the schedule I set for myself.

Fortunately, I'm into more of a schedule now and I'm starting to get some real reading done. I still love reading in the early morning and I also try to set aside an hour or two each day in the afternoon to read. Although that doesn't always work out. Night reading is difficult because my eyes are more tired and I usually fall asleep on the first page. Sunday afternoons provide me with some free time as well. I know this sounds crazy, but I feel guilty when I read all afternoon because I feel like I should be doing something (other than reading). I suppose that comes from working all my life and feeling like a slacker for sitting around reading all day. I told you it was crazy!

So it seems I'm getting back to the schedule I used when working. I still also carry a book with me everywhere I go in case I can steal a few minutes here and there.

Do you schedule your reading or do you just do it when you feel like it? Visit Just One More Page for more Monday Musings.


  1. I definitely always carry a book around with me, and while I'm getting a bit more natural about it, I used to also have to schedule time in if I wanted to get any reading done! My post is here.

  2. I don't schedule much, including my reading.
    I find, the better the book I am reading, the more time to read I find in my day. Ok, a few things don't get done but still...

  3. I find it hard to schedule reading in and work it around my schedule. I especially enjoy reading before I go to bed and in the afternoons when I can. I always carry a book with me as well!

  4. I hope you quickly get over those feelings of guilt!! I know that you would much rather have your eyesight than the extra time you now have. So relax and try to enjoy it :)

  5. My days are filled with chores and errands etc, so I do most of my reading at night.

  6. I love early morning reading and if I don't have any obligations, I will read an hour or so before I get out of bed.


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