May 16, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Exciting News!

Happy Sunday Saloners! Well, another great book week has passed and exciting things are planned for the near future here at Books and Cooks that I'd like to share, but first, let me tell you about my book week.

Last week I posted my review of ON FOLLY BEACH by Karen White. I was completely drawn in to this book, both for the writing and characters, but also for the interesting historical aspect of the affect of World War II on our nation's eastern seaboard. I welcome you to stop by and read my review. Today I've included information on how to win a copy of this wonderful book for yourself, so please stop by.

I finished reading Randy Susan Meyers; debut novel THE MURDERER'S DAUGHTERS this week. The book came out in January to really good reviews. I flew through this book in just days. I'll be posting that review by mid week and I'd love for you to check it out.

This week I'm reading FORD COUNTY by John Grisham. I used to be a HUGE fan and I guess I still am, but several years ago, I began to feel burnt out on his newer books. They just didn't hit me the way the older ones did. This book is a collection of short stories that all began as novels but just didn't go anywhere for him. I've only just started, but I have already recognized his writing from years ago in the pages and I am really enjoying it so far. It may sound silly, but its almost like reuniting with an old friend you haven't seen in years.

OK, now on to my exciting announcement! If you've followed my blog for any period of time, you know that most of the books I read are fiction. Although I have reviewed several non-fiction books, its just not something I devote a lot of time to. So, next week I'll be having a special guest reviewer for my Sunday Salon post. His name is Emerson Clauss and he is a good friend of mine and I can honestly say, probably the only person in my life (besides my blogger buddies) who loves books as much as I do. The difference between me and Emerson is that he reads nothing but non-fiction. So we thought it would be a great idea for him to share the books he reads here on Books and Cooks. We're both very excited about it. I worked for Emerson for ten years at his construction company and before that I worked with him at our County Builders Association where he was on the Board of Directors for many years. We've always shared our love of books and even though he doesn't read much fiction, he has always been a big supporter of my blog. I'm hoping to convince him to do this on a regular basis, maybe once a month. So I hope you will stop by next Sunday for his first review - I'm sure it will be as interesting and thought-provoking as the books he reads.

As for today, I'm planning to putter around the house, get some things done that I completely blew off yesterday to go shopping and try to squeeze in some good reading time. I hope your Sunday is peaceful and includes a good book.


  1. Does Emerson have a blog? I read a lot of non-fiction, including memoirs and biographies, so he and I would get along great. I'm a follower now. Saw you on Staci's blog Life in the Thumb. I'll be back to check Emerson's guest post.

    Have a good day.

  2. Hi Lisa, I'm looking forward to your reviews of the books you read last week. I have Ford County on the shelf - my husband read it several weeks ago and liked it. He's a big Grisham fan but doesn't read short story collections. He said I'd probably like it, lol. I'll be checking back next Sunday. How nice to have someone to talk books with (in person, that is). Have a great week!

  3. The Murderer's Daughter sounds intriguing, especially since you read it so quickly!
    Book Dilettante - My sunday Salon

  4. I got to meet Karen White last week, and I have to tell you, she is someone we could all be friends with! She is very down to earth and fun.

    I'm looking forward to Emerson's post.

  5. hi, my FIL only reads non-fiction as well. I do read it but not very ofter (about 2 books a year) I'llpop back next sunday

  6. Lynne: Thanks for stopping by! No, at this time Emerson doesn't have a blog. Thanks for following me!

    Mary: There aren't many people in 'real life' I can share my love of books with, so you can tell how excited I am about Emerson's contributions! I agree with your husband, I think you'd like Ford County too. I also think you would LOVE On Folly Beach!

    Book Diettante: The Murderer's Daughters has a lot of dialogue, which made it a quick read. Plus it was interesting!

    Kathy: I thought about you on Wednesday! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with Karen White! Maybe someday . . .

    Jessica: Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your thoughts on Emerson's post next week!

  7. I can't wait to be introduced to Emerson...sounds like a great feature Lisa!!

  8. I read non-fiction every now and then so I am looking forward to meeting Emerson through your blog.


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