Jul 13, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Backseat Saints

Today is Tuesday and that means another teaser from the book I'm currently reading. That book is BACKSEAT SAINTS, the newest release from Joshilyn Jackson, the author of GODS IN ALABAMA and THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING, to name a few. I know we're only supposed to share two sentences as our teaser, but I've chosen a passage that I thought says a lot about Ro Grandee, the protagonist of the story.

From page 118 of BACKSEAT SAINTS . . .

I picked up the braid and walked back to the bathroom. I think I meant to put it in the trash, but I caught sight of myself in the mirror and stopped. I was ten pounds too thin and two shades paler than paper. My shorn hair hung around my face in a ragged tangle, longer on the right side than the left. I had kaleidoscope eyes, spinning with a hundred different colors of pure, naked crazy. For the first time in years, I was face-to-face with Rose Mae Lolley.

I am really enjoying this book of southern fiction. Although it is filled with sharp wit and ironic humor, it centers around a serious topic. That being domestic violence. This book is courtesy of Library Thing Early Reviewers and I feel lucky to have received it.

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  1. I've been seeing this one mentioned on a lot of blogs lately. And I wondered if the braid on the cover actually had anything to do with the book. Thanks for clearing that up for me! Love the teaser!

    My Teaser: Live to Tell

  2. Sounds interesting. I've yet to read anything by this author and I'll have to add her to my TBR pile. :)

  3. I'm looking forward to finding a copy of this one also.

  4. Great teaser. I had wondered about the braid too. I hope to be reading this one soon.

  5. This seems to be making the rounds of blogs. I, too, wondered why she was holding a braid. Interesting teaser! Hope all is well with you,Lisa.


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