Mar 19, 2011

The Saturday Skinny: WW Week 7

Hello and thanks for stopping by to check out my progress on my Weight Watchers Online program. I knew this was going to be a difficult week for a few reasons. But before we get to that, lets do the numbers. . .

After my weigh-in this morning, I was a little disappointed. I gained just under a half a pound. I know it's not much, but this is the first week I didn't lose any weight. I know its bound to happen because its all part of it. .4 is a a fraction of a pound so I'm just thankful it wasn't a whole pound - or more!

Like I mentioned, I knew this was going to be an if-y week. The first reason was that it was my birthday week so my mom and sister took me to lunch at Red Lobster and I treated myself to a few things I hadn't had in a long time: Caesar Salad, those delicious cheese biscuits they so liberally bring to your table and some stuffed mushrooms. For my meal, I ate grilled Mahi with a very small baked potatoe that I didn't eat all of and some steamed broccoli. I didn't have any cake or anything but I did have sweet iced tea that was loaded with sugar. I probably would have been okay if I would've worked out every day but I took one day off to go to the beach and of course, I didn't work out on my birthday either. All in all, it could have been much worse. I basically broke even, and it only gives me more incentive to push harder next week.

As for the rest of the day, I'm heading outside to work in my yard. There are a ton of leaves still out there chanting my name. All of the trees are lovely during summer, but they sure are a lot of work in the Spring. It's going to be a nice workout.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Push through the disappointment and you'll succeed. It's okay to gain a little every once in a while. Keep it up and you'll be even more proud of yourself next week.

  2. .4 is not enough to be upset about. I'm sure you'll make up for it this week!

  3. Oh're still doing great. And those biscuits should be outlawed!!

  4. Lisa, you know this is going to happen occasionally. Hang in there, girl, you're doing wonderfully. I'm cheering you on from the next county!!


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