Jul 6, 2014

[TSS] Summer Reading Overload

One thing is fur sure: There is no shortage of great books out there this summer to choose from. Personally I find myself a bit overwhelmed by all the great titles available. Currently I've got three books going, including one audiobook, but I don't seem to be making much progress with any of them. Instead I keep adding books to my reader! In my defense, I have been sick for over a week and just haven't felt much like reading (or doing anything else for that matter). But my TBR pile is growing like the weeds in my yard after endless days of rain.

One of the books I'm reading is THE GOLDFINCH, a Pulitzer Prize winner, but I'm plodding along slowly with it. Not that its not a good book, its just....very wordy. Does that make sense to anyone? I also have Chevy Stevens' new thriller, THAT NIGHT, but I haven't actually started it yet because I have my eye on A BETTER PLACE, a new release, by Barbara Hall that I'm expecting to receive any day now. (Hall is the writer and executive producer of a new show coming on CBS this fall called MADAME SECRETARY).  I'm also reading a non-fiction book, A FARM DIES ONCE A YEAR but I've set it aside because I just don't care much for the narrator. Being raised on a farm in the Midwest, I have a lot of respect for that life and I feel he takes it for granted and doesn't appreciate it, but I'm hopeful that is going to change as I keep reading.  I really need to pick that one back up again because I think its going to be a good one. The audiobook I'm listening to now is Karen White's A LONG TIME GONE. Its very engrossing and I'm enjoying it but secretly I'm anxious to finish it because my next audiobook, THE MARTIAN, keeps nagging at me. I've heard some great things about this book and I'm told the audio is a real treat. 

Along with these new books, there are some older ones I thought I'd get to this summer but at the rate I'm going, that may not happen. The days are flying by so fast. This is the fastest summer I can remember. They're even showing Back To School ads on TV already! What's that about? I know for a fact my teacher friends aren't happy about that! 

I know there are worst things than having too many great books to read but my summer reading goals are biting the dust. Are you having a similar situation? Or are you on track with your summer reading list? Share with me what books you're anxious to read - I'd love to know!  


  1. Only one right now: World Without Trouble by Ben H. Winters, the third and final one in his Last Policeman trilogy. That's about it.

    I've heard good things about The Martian too.

  2. I love the summer reading overload! And yes, you can describe a book like that. I haven't read The Martian, but I have heard that the book is really good and I am looking forward to reading it in the fall.

  3. I'm so behind on reading that it's ridiculous. Like you, I'm overwhelmed, and yet I keep adding books to my list!

  4. I swear, I go through the same thing every year! So many good books on my stack for the summer - some I need to read (review) and some I really really want to read :-) The Martian is on my audible wish list. I've heard good things about it. I also have The Goldfinch on my Kindle but have no motivation to read it - mostly because it's so long and friends have mentioned it could have been a couple hundred pages less than it was. Ugh. I'll get to it at some point.

  5. I'm so behind on my TBR stack that it feels like I'll never get through it. I haven't minded taking a slower pace though and if I'm not reading as many books, it doesn't matter!

    2 Kids and Tired Books

  6. Yeah summer is whooshing by and I still have too much I need to read. I try to concentrate on one at a time to help. Although The Martian is good, it also in parts bogs down with a lot of technical detail which gets excessive. Just a very slight warning. good luck.



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