Jun 1, 2016

Review: Cometh the Hour (Clifton Chronicles #6) by Jeffrey Archer

I became a fan of Jeffrey Archer quite by accident.  About seven years I'd entered a giveaway that fellow blogger, Anna, at Diary of an Eccentric** was hosting.  The prize was the audio CD's for ONLY TIME WILL TELL, The Clifton Chronicles Book 1. I was the lucky winner and honestly wasn't familiar with the author at all.  Once I started listening I was immediately drawn to this family from Bristol, UK. Jeffrey Archer is an author I probably wouldn't have turned to on my own for whatever reason but I feel lucky that Anna introduced me to his work. Since then I've read every book in the series and I've realized and now appreciate what a wonderful storyteller he is. At the end of every installment, I know there is going to be a breath-taking cliff hanger! 

In COMETH THE HOUR, we have arrived in the 1970's and the world is rapidly changing for the Clifton/Barrington clan. Most of the story takes place in the UK, some in the US, with brief visits to Russia. There is more espionage, business back-stabbing and family secrets - some revealed, some not. This is a bit more of a serious book than some of the previous ones but Archer's quick wit is still present. 

With only one book yet to be released for this series, it is bittersweet knowing it will be coming to an end, but with only seven (total) books in the series, it wouldn't be difficult to read the entire series. Jeffrey Archer, in my opinion, is right up there with Louise Penny (Three Pines Series). What these two writers have in common is that they (I believe) write for the 'more mature' reader. I've said it all along and I stand behind that statement. If you've read Penny or Archer, I think you'd understand. So, if I could encourage a new series to someone, it would be The Clifton Chronicles. For me, it has been a total joy to read. It is very satisfying and always leaves me wanting more. 

COMETH THE HOUR (Clifton Chronicles #6)
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Publisher: St. Martins Press
Published: February 2016
Printed Lenth: 416
Source: Publisher

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  1. It's been a while since I've read his work but I used to love it!

  2. You sold me in this series by comparing him to Louise Penny.


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