Feb 20, 2008

Cross Your Heart & Hope To Die

Book Review

This is the fourth book in the Blackbird Sisters Mysteries written by Nancy Martin. Nora Blackbird and her sisters, Emma and Libby are the central characters, but the stories are told by Nora. This book is a little darker than the first three, and has a little more violence. At the end of the third book, Some Like It Lethal, it seemed that Nora has finally come to terms with her boyfriend, Michael's criminal family history. They finally consumated their relationship and even talk of marriage and children. I was afraid the next book wouldn't be as exciting, but, happily, I was wrong. Just when Nora thinks she's ready to accept Michael and all his baggage, his family's criminal ways get in the way. Not to mention a fellow reporter named Richard, who is not only handsome and smart, he doesn't mind letting Nora know he's interested in more than her writing ability. The murderous plot is interesting and keeps you guessing at who did it. It was nice to have the new character of Richard D'Eath instead of Detective Bloom, who was in the first three books. The author knows just when to change it up a bit so the reader doesn't get bored with the characters. I really enjoyed this book, even though it looks like things may be over between Nora and her sexy bad-boy boyfriend, Michael Abruzzo. The next book in the series is Have Your Cake & Kill Him Too. I'm reading that one now and I'll have a review of it in a week or so.

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