Feb 25, 2008

No More Excuses

Its time for me to get serious about shedding these extra pounds that I've been carrying around for awhile now. I've put it off for way too long. There 's no excuse for it either. I have an eliptical workout machine at home called The Gazelle. Its low impact so it doesn't hurt my poor knees like alot of aerobic exercises do. It has tenstion bars that you can put on for more resistance. If I can just stick to the routine of working out at least 45 minutes every day and watch what I eat and drink lots of water I shouldn't have a problem losing 20 pounds. I know my doctor will be thrilled and my blood pressure will more than likely come down a bit as well. The time flies when I'm on the Gazelle because I have my iPod on and before you know it I'm done! Its just hard to stay motivated when you're doing it alone. Another resource I'm going to use is Bob Green's Best Life Diet book. I've heard its fabulous. I'm willing to give it a try!


  1. I workout with a friend 3 or 4 times a week, and I've been doing that since 2001. If you haven't been working out up 'til now, I would rethink your goals a bit. 45 minutes a day, EVERY day, is a goal that's doomed to fail if you are starting from zero. I would suggest you shoot for 30 minutes every other day and work up from there. Just my $.02. Good luck!!

  2. Lisa - Oops, looks like I should proof read a little better. I forgot an important word in the sentence and that word being 'other'. I agree, working out everyday is not the way to go. I work out on my Gazelle for 30 mins, then do my small hand weights for 10-15 afterward. Not too bad. Thanks for your input!

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