Sep 22, 2009

Teaser Tuesday: The Summer Kitchen

It's time for another teaser! Here are the rules...
  • Grab your current read
  • Let it fall open to a random page
  • Share two sentences without any spoilers
  • Name the title and page of the book your teasers are from
Today my teasers are from Karen Weinreb's novel THE SUMMER KITCHEN . . .

As she pushed past him to take her pocketbook from the leather chair and leave, he grabbed her hand roughly and spun her to face him. She tried pulling her hand free. "Let me go or I'll scream." ~ page 224

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  1. Sounds a bit feisty to me! Love the teaser.

  2. hey, what is he up to!!! ?????

  3. I would pick up this book just for the cover! But your teaser has me interested also.

  4. Nice teaser. Doesn't look like a book that would have much violence. So, did she scream?

  5. That teaser is so unexpected after seeing the cover!


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