Mar 23, 2008

Book Review: Snow Flower & the Secret Fan

What an amazing story! I really enjoyed the characters as they moved thru the years. It was interesting to me that early in life women in this culture were considered less than an animal as far as importance, but when they were older or became ill, how the husbands became so upset and sat by their sides. They received little or no respect until they were old or near death. The story also speaks to the power of friendship and how easily things can be misunderstood and the consequences of ones actions. Lily spent so many years of her later life being angry at Snow Flower over a misunderstanding and had to live with that for her remaining days. Its ok to encourage someone to do better or try harder, but sometimes you have to accept things the way they are because you may not know the extent of what is happening in that other persons life. This is a fantastic book that I am very glad I took the time to read.


  1. How about the footbinding section?? Pretty gruesome, don't you think? Click on this link to see some unbelievable images:

    I thought this was an awesome book.

  2. Oh the footbinding was horrible! Especially considering the fact that I have 2 broken toes! I barely made it thru the chapters of the footbinding! I could actually feel those girls' pain!


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