Jan 12, 2009

Musing Mondays: Assigned Reading

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about assigned reading…
How did you react to assigned reading when you were in school/university/college/etc? How do you think on these books now? What book were you 'forced' to read when you where in school that you've since reread and loved?
I was in the fourth grade when I realized that I loved books, so by the time I was in high school, I welcomed the reading assignments. I loved TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, didn't really care for THE LORD OF THE FLIES and totally didn't appreciate THE BELL JAR, more likely due to my young age. I haven't re-read any book I was 'forced' to read in school, however, I would like to find a copy of Sylvia Plath's THE BELL JAR to see if I grasp it any better than I did back then. There were other books I read in school, especially Steinbeck's, that I'd love to re-read now that I'm older and I would appreciate them more.


  1. Steinbeck would be fun to revisit. The Bell Jar is probably worth another look from a more mature perspective.

  2. I have re-read a few. The only book (for school) that I can remember not finishing was ALL THE KING'S MEN. I just couldn't get through it.

  3. Read The Bell Jar now. I loved my much thumbed copy which someone deliberately forgot to return..

    Here is mine

  4. I loved the Bell Jar the first time around but a few years ago I reread it and I felt the opposite. I didn't care for Steinbeck when I was younger but having recently read Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden, he definitely makes my list of favorite authors.

  5. Steinbeck is written on stone in most high school reading list. What I cannot stand is William Faulkner and Thomas Hardy. In college I find challenging books in Beloved and Ulysses, which I plan to re-read.

  6. I've never read any Steinbeck,or To Kill a Mockingbird. How bad is that?! I really should. I didn't like Lord of the Flies either but its wasn't required reading.

  7. I never did read To Kill a Mockingbird or Steinbeck until in the last few years. I wrote in my post today how we really didn't have any assigned reading in high school to my disappointment.

  8. I didnt' mind most of the books I was assigned to read in school but I hated every book my senior year of high school. The Canterbury Tales (sp?) and Beowulf are the only two titles I remember and resent.

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  9. I made my daughter read some Steinbeck when I was home-schooling her and I am not sure she has ever forgiven me! :) My son's 10th grade English class last year spent 2 full months reading and analyzing Lord of the Flies--can you say "over-kill"?!
    Happy Monday...


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