Apr 16, 2011

The Saturday Skinny: WW Week 11 The Moral of the Story...

Hello and Happy Saturday! Thanks for stopping by and checking in on my Weight Watchers progress. This is the end of my 11th week and I am happy to say that I have yet to be burned out on the program. But before I get into that, let me get to the important part - the numbers...

I pretty much broke even this week. Technically, I lost .2 pounds, but c'mon - really?! So my total lost is 17.4. Hey, as long as I didn't gain anything, I'm happy! I'm only 4 pounds away from the second goal that WW set for me. This week I was a little concerned about getting burned out on the program now that its been 11 weeks, so I just did what made me happy but still worked out everyday. I didn't go crazy, but I had some food fun!

It started with going out last Saturday night for a farewell dinner of a friend who was moving to New York. I ate some Cajun food, had some drinks and even a few bites of Key Lime pie! We had a blast and that's all that matters. Then I got back to business the first part of the week. On Thursday I went to a food tasting where several restaurants get together and you go around and sample their food. Oh my gosh! That was heaven! We sampled some delicious food in a relaxing pool-side atmosphere as the sun went down and shared a bottle of wine. It was a really fun evening and I was so glad my mom was able to go and enjoy herself too. She's been taking care of my dad who is suffering from cancer and it did her a lot of good to get out and relax. We all had a terrific time and the best part was that is was FREE! I like free!!

So even though I didn't really lose any weight this week, it meant more to me to enjoy some time with my friends and family. So the moral of the story is to not take your weight loss program so serious that you lose focus on what's really important in your life. Sometimes its the little things that really make you happy and being with the people I love is what makes me happy.


  1. It sounds like you did great to me. You enjoyed friends and family and didn't gain any weight!

  2. You can't lose weight every week, you know that's not realistic. I'm glad to hear you went out and had some fun. You did great as far as I can see, you ate some fun things, had a good time and didn't gain. All good! Have another successful and happy week, Lisa.

  3. But that's the beauty of WW...you fall off a bit but can get right back to where you need to be. I'm planning on getting serious next week. The weather right now isn't conducive to me wanting to exercise (I know it's an excuse) but I seriously need to shed this winter weight!


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