Apr 23, 2011

The Saturday Skinny: WW Week 12

Hello and thank you for visiting The Saturday Skinny! I've been tracking my weight loss now for 12 weeks and I am so glad that I chose Weight Watchers Online to do it. This system works so well for me because it has taught me to eat healthy. But more on that in a minute. First I want to get right to the important part - my weigh-in . . .

At my weigh-in this morning, I lost another 2.2 pounds! That brings my total weight lost to 19.6 pounds in 12 weeks! Needless to say, I'm very happy with that. With every week I'm getting closer and closer to my overall goal.

Like I said before, WW has really taught me how to eat healthy. I always thought I did eat healthy, until I started tracking all the food I put in my body. It didn't take long to figure out that I was wrong! I wasn't eating healthy at all. Too much butter, too much pasta, and my portions were totally wrong. For me, living alone only made it easier to eat too much. Plus, I loved to snack in the evenings. I was being so bad and didn't give it a thought! My friend, Brenda, and I were talking the other day about how we used to eat so much junk and not even think about how bad it was for us. I don't think we'll ever go back to that again. I really do care what I eat and I don't want to go back to where I was.

There's a great book I want to get called EAT THIS, NOT THAT by David Zinczinko. It seems like it would be a great tool to help with swapping out some of the fattier foods for less fatty alternatives. There's even a 2011 Version available now. I've seen David on the morning news shows several times and he always breaks down how many calories are in a lot of the foods we eat and compares them to what it is equal to. One that was really surprising to me was the salads that a lot of the restaurants serve. I usually always order a nice salad - my favorite is a Southwest Salad with pico de gallo, sour cream and a creamy ranch-type dressing. He showed that there are more calories in that salad than if I were to eat multiple Whoppers from Burger King! When he brings that plate out with the burgers and you visually see the comparisons it really is shocking! I always love when he is on TV and always try to watch him. I don't have this book yet, but I am going to get it soon! I think it would be a good partner to my diet program. In it he also explains that although many cereals claim to be 'healthy', you have to be careful of the sugar levels along with the calories. There were some shocking comparisons there as well! I am looking forward to getting this book. I love all the comparisons and alternatives! I'll let you know when I have it!

So that is my update for week 12 of my weight loss journey. Thanks so much for taking an interest and all of your encouraging words. It really does mean a lot. I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter weekend!


  1. Fantastic weigh-in, Lisa. So happy for you - and the results you're getting! Those restaurant salads can be amazingly BAD for us, can't they? I saw a Hungry Girl episode on the Cooking channel recently that addressed that very same issue. She had some good swap-outs. Lately I've satisfied my craving for southwestern with a baked potatoe covered with black beans and pico de gallo and a little Smart Balance with olive oil spread. If I don't have pico handy I use salsa. So tasty!!
    Have a great week :)

  2. Wow, you're doing fabulous! I love all the bad stuff on my salads, so even when I make one at home, they're not all that healthy.

  3. Your journey has been so wonderful! I'm so proud of you and all of the life changing eating habits you've incorporated into your daily routine. I am always amazed by that guy when he does eat this not that demos!!! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. You are doing great!! You should start going through your closet now and pulling stuff out that you haven't worn in awhile.


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