Apr 2, 2011

The Saturday Skinny: WW Week 9 - Momentum!

Hello and thanks for stopping by The Saturday Skinny! Boy, this week flew by and with all of the nasty weather we had here in central Florida this week, exercising outside was dicey. There were a few days I barely got my 2 miles in before the skies opened up on me. There were, however, two days that I didn't walk at all - unless walking around Walmart counts!? Just kidding . . .

So, I wasn't confident to step on the scale this morning, but it all turned out OK. I lost another 2.2 pounds, bringing my total to 16 pounds lost in 9 weeks.! I couldn't be happier!

When I started this program, I just didn't think it would go this smoothly. But I have been very dedicated and determined to get back to what I used to look like 5 years ago. These last five years have been difficult for me and I know that is another reason I put on the extra weight. I don't really consider myself an 'emotional eater', but I supposed I probably am to a certain degree. I find comfort in cooking foods I love and I love food. Its that simple. I also think depression played a big part in my weight gain as well. Although my doctor prescribes anti-depressants for me that I don't take, I haven't considered myself depressed since right after my husband and I split up 11 years ago. And even then, it took several years for me to see it for myself and realize that I was in a state of depression. The last two years, especially, have been hard for me. That's when I came to terms with the fact that my current relationship wasn't healthy for me and I needed to end it for once and for all. Having done that last month, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I believe that has given me the strength and determination to work hard to lose this weight.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that having the right mindset is so very important when trying to lose weight on any program. As long as I keep my focus and don't get deterred, I am confident I will continue on this path.

Thanks again for stopping by and for leaving me encouraging comments. I feel like its therapeutic to write this weekly blog and share my experiences. I hope you all don't tire of it because I love hearing from you, especially when you say I've motivated you as well. So thank you for supporting me!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and that we all get some nice weather! See you next time!


  1. Woohoo on your WI this week, Lisa! You are so right about mindset playing an important part in the process. I love your weekly posts. Have a great week :)

  2. Wow, you're doing great!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Great update. i agree with you that the mind plays an important part in weight loss. I am still working on that. I did get out running twice this week and plan to go out yet today. Keep up the amazing progress.

  4. I think you're doing fantastic!! I'm inspired once more to get back to being healthy because of you.

    I'm an emotional eater and suffered from depression. I still do but I'm working on different ways to deal with it!!

    Hugs to you my friend!!

  5. Wow, Lisa, you did so well this week and coming to the realizations that you have are a big step in your success. Hope you didn't have any damage over there. Neighbor's 65 foot pine tree came crashing down and landed in our front yard. At least it didn't hit the house. Phew! What a crazy two days. I always count walking around Walmart - you're moving, right? Have a good week!


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