Feb 11, 2009

Library Loot - Feb 11 - 17

I found this neat weekly meme while visiting Dar at Peeking Through the Pages. Since I've started using my library more I thought it was perfect timing for me to play along! it's hosted by Eva and Alessandra and I'm sure it'll be fun!

Here's my loot that I brought home from the library this week:

Murder Melts In Your Mouth by Nancy Martin - This is the 7th and I think final book in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery series. I discovered these fun, light mysteries a few years ago and have loved them all!

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote - After watching Capote starring Philip Seymour Hoffman over the weekend, I just had to get this book. He deserved that Oscar he got for this movie. He was AMAZING!

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte - In my quest to read some classics this year, I've started with a book everyone loves! I've been reading it online at Literature.org until I could get to the library. As we've all said, There's nothing like a real book in your hands - especially a classic!

So did you bring goodies home from the library this week?


  1. What a fun meme. I might have to have a look into this one as these days I bring home more library books then purchase books *shuffles the recently received amazon books and store bought books out of sight*

    Some interesting books there Might have to look up the Nancy Martin book series. I do enjoy light mysteries.

  2. You picked up some great titles. I read In Cold Blood for the first time this fall and thoroughly enjoyed it. I need to rent the movie Capote in order to get a better idea of the author behind the "first true crime" novel.

    I read Jane Eyre for the first time last year and I did truly enjoy it. I am anxious to hear your review after you have read it. For a fun read I am now reading the Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. Interesting concept......

  3. The Blackbird sisters and offspring are just a riot. I love that series! Where did you find out this is the final one? I thought I had years more of the craziness in PA.

  4. I read In Cold Blood years ago and thought it was very well written.

  5. Caspette - you should check out either Eva's or Allessandra's sites and get linked up with 'Mr. Linky'.

    Molly - Yes, you should definitely watch 'Capote'. I learned so much about him from that movie. I also didn't know he was close friends with Harper Lee. The Eyre Affair sound interesting. Thanks for the tip!

    Kaye - I love the Blackbird sisters too! I read a review on GoodReads the other day and it was mentioned that this is the last of the series. I hope that reviewer is wrong, tho, cuz I don't ever want it to end. I love Mick Abruzzo!

    Kathy - I'm anxious to get started reading it!

  6. Welcome to Library Loot! Thanks for participating. You have some interesting books there! I haven't read the other two, but I hope you enjoy Jane Eyre.

  7. It looks look you've touched on three different time periods with that selection. Jane Eyre is on my tbr list this year. Enjoy.

  8. That's a great mix of books. I don't know Nancy Martin, but the other two are great. Enjoy!

  9. These sound like some good books! I have read In Cold Blood yet either but I do have it on my TBR list. Enjoy :)

  10. Looks like some good selections Lisa. I'll do mine up later. I came home with a pile again. lol.

    That mystery series sounds really good. I always love getting involved in a series. Jane Eyre I really like. I'm going to reread it this year for the Classics Challenge.

    Have a great day!

  11. I've never read In cold blood, but I probably should at some point.

  12. Looking forward to your thoughts on In Cold Blood. I've never read Capote but I read Kim Powers' Capote in Kansas and enjoyed it. Happy reading!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  13. In Cold Blood is great. and I have heard some good things about that mystery series but I have never read them. good to know you enjoy them

  14. I have been wanting to read In Cold Blood and Jane Eyre for a long time. This is the first I have heard of the Blackbird sisters though...sounds interesting!

  15. I read In Cold Blood for the exact same reason! It was an awesome movie; I thought all of the actors did a great job. I loved Harper Lee. :)

    And enjoy Jane Eyre! It's not my favourite classic, though, so don't feel bad if you don't love it. ;)

  16. My husband read In Cold Blood (because of the movie, and the Kansas connection), and really enjoyed it. He said, though, that I'd probably be uncomfortable (don't handle violence and such horribly well), so I haven't read it.

    Jane Eyre, on the other hand, is wonderful. Hope you enjoy.

  17. My library loot this week:

    Audio: Izzy and Lenore by Jon Katz

    Sense and Sensibility
    Island at War disc 3
    3 Inspector Lynley mysteries

    Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton
    The Leisure Seeker by Michael Zadoorian
    Julius Winsome by Gerard Donovan
    The Trouble with Mary by Millie Criswell

  18. Haven't heard of the Blackbird Sisters Mystery series, then again I'm not much of a Mystery fan...


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