Mar 30, 2009

It's Monday! What Are You Reading This Week?

J. Kaye asks us every Monday - What Are You Reading This Week? I really like this new feature she started because not only do we talk about what we're reading currently, we also discuss what we've finished and what's ahead. So, here we go . . .

Since I've reverted back to my previous reading habit of reading one book at a time, mine is a short answer. This week I'm reading Kathleen Kent's THE HERETIC'S DAUGHTER. It's kind of a daunting story of young Sarah Carrier's Puritan family living in Massachusetts in the late 1600's. The Carrier family has close connections to the Salem Witch Trials, but since I've just started the book, I haven't got to that point yet, but the lead up to it is fascinating. Right now, it's 1690 and small pox is killing hundreds of settlers and no one is above suspicion of bringing the virus to their villages.

I finished THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett last week and loved it! I'll have my review soon. I'm not sure what I'll read next, because I'm waiting on a few books to become available at the library, but until then, I may read THE YEAR OF FOG by Michelle Richmond that I picked up Saturday at a used book store.

So that's my plan for the week. What book do you have in your hands this week?


  1. Hi!
    Both your books sound intriguing! I'll have to check them out. Have a great day!!


  2. I'm finishing Nineteen Minutes tonight. I have about 60 more pages. My next book is The Prudent Mariner and the book after that should be Very Valentine if I get it in time for Book Club Girl's Blog Talk show.

  3. I really wish I could get to THE YEAR OF FOG by Michelle Richmond! No time. :(

  4. I've got The Help to read. I can't wait to hear what you thought. So far, I haven't seen a bad review of it. I'm reading Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark right now and it's great. I'll have a review up tomorrow. Happy Reading this week.

  5. All of these books sound great! I have The Heretic's Daughter but haven't started it yet. Right now I'm reading Shanghai Girls, but with everything going on it is taking a bit longer for me to get through it.

  6. The Help is going on my list, for sure.

  7. I'm working on one book at a time at the moment too, which is very unlike me. :)

  8. Hi there! It's been a while since I've stopped by, as I'm still without a computer and some steady blog-reading time. Anyway, I'm looking forward to these reviews. I've had my eye on these books.

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