Mar 23, 2009

Musing Monday: Bookstores

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about bookstores…

How many bookstores do you frequent? Do you have a favourite? If so, which one and what makes it so?

Living in a small-ish town, my choices of bookstores are limited. Even though the city I live in is growing rapidly, there are very few independent bookstores. There is a Books A Million not too far from my house that I will go to if there's a new book coming out that I just have to have. There's also a new Barnes & Noble, but it's so far on the other side of town that I probably won't go there at all. One of the bookstores I use frequently is Twice Read Tales, a used bookstore. They have an online catalogue, which is wonderful when I'm looking for a particular book. I probably go there the most.

Do you have a favorite bookstore in your town?

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  1. My nearest bookstore is Waterstones about 12 miles away . When I get there, you can't get me out . I love it!!


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