Aug 27, 2008

Book Review: A Dog Among Diplomats

The cover of this book makes it obvious it’s the dog who is the brains behind the case-solving as he is also the narrator. Let me introduce you to Randolph, a portly black lab with a well developed knowledge of literature among other intellectual interests. Randolph and his owner, Harry, an artist, live in Manhattan.

A DOG AMONG DIPLOMATS is the second in the Bull Moose Dog Run series, the first being A DOG ABOUT TOWN. This story takes up where the first left off with Harry and Randolph both dealing with the disappearance of Harry’s girlfriend, Imogene, who was Randolph’s mistress before Harry was in the picture. The reader learns fairly early on that the mystery surrounding Imogene’s disappearance involves some Australian land and uranium rights that are soon to be willed to Imogene and certain people are willing to kill for them. The steady flow of dead bodies turning up all seem to point to Imogene as the killer, even though there are several spies disguising themselves as diplomats from the United Nations lurking about. Through the course of the investigation Harry discovers that he didn’t know his live-in girlfriend as well as he thought he did. He begins to question everything as the evidence piles up, which leaves Randolph even more determined to help prove her innocence. Randolph is able to learn a lot by filling in as a therapy dog for one of the diplomats. However, between the thyroid condition he is suffering from that leaves him easily exhausted and a murderer in close proximity, even his life is jeopardized.

When reading this book, its important to keep an open mind. There are parts of the book, that if taken too seriously could turn the reader off. It’s not a serious, bite your nails kind of mystery. I mean, it isn’t every day you read about a dog with his own email account or who orders his favorite books online. But with that being said, those are the quirky things about this book that make it entertaining and different. Basically, it’s a decent story with interesting characters. There are a lot of them to keep up with, but Englert is able to blend them all fluently. I could find things about the book to pick at, but then I remember that it’s a story about a dog trying to solve a mystery, so I choose to keep my perspective, sit back and enjoy the story.

J. F. Englert
Publisher: Dell
Date Published: April 2008
Pages: 336

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  1. I never heard of these books but they sound like a lot of fun to read. They've been added to my reading list. Thanks for the review!


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