Aug 17, 2008

The Sunday Salon

Another week gone just like that! I had an interesting book week, however I didn’t get as much reading done as I would’ve liked, but I did do some blogging. Speaking of blogging, I was honored this week when J.Kaye spotlighted my blog on her site. Recently she’s started spotlighting new visitors who’ve left comments on her blog. She reads an enormous amount of books and does such wonderful reviews and has so many loyal readers. I was thrilled to be included. Thanks J.Kaye!
I got a postcard yesterday from Dawn at She Is Too Fond of Books. A few weeks ago, after receiving a beautiful postcard from Lenore at Presenting Lenore, Dawn thought it would be fun to keep it going. So she sent postcards from her area to the first 10 people who commented on her blog. The postcard I received was of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s library! it’s a beautiful photo and I was tickled to get something besides bills in my mailbox! Unfortunately, I don’t have the correct cable to hook my scanner up to my new computer, so I’m unable to include it here. But its really cool! Thanks Dawn! In return, I’m going to send postcards from my neck ‘o the woods to the first ten people who leave a comment on this post. And I’ll also be sending one back to Dawn. Just post a comment, then email me at with your mailing address. I love getting postcards and I think this will be fun!

I got an email this week from Kathleen McCleary, the author of HOUSE AND HOME. We’re gearing up for her guest appearance on my blog. She is so nice and we’ve discovered we have several things in common when it comes to the books we love. I’m very excited to have her as my special guest and I’d love for all of you to stop by. Don’t forget - September 10th!
As I mentioned I didn’t get a lot of reading done this week, but I did finish a cute murder mystery by J.F. Englert titled A Dog Among Diplomats. I’ll be finishing the review in a few days. I placed an order at Amazon the other day and I can hardly contain my excitement!! I won’t tell you what I ordered yet, but when they get here, you may be able to hear me squealing with joy! I love getting books!

Well, its back to the laundry for me and hopefully some blog reading too. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. Take care!


  1. The week did seem to go by fast, didn't it? I hadn't realized how little I posted on my blog this week until Friday. I was just so busy with other things.

    I think I will settle in this evening with a book set in China. It seems fitting given the Olympic Season.

    I hope you have a great week!

  2. Getting postcards feels so good! Do you this she will send one to me in India?!


    Do check out my Sunday Salon posts :D

    SS 1: Review of The Dark Child

    SS 2: Musings about books

  3. I would love to get a postcard to welcome back to Seattle for my final year of law school!

  4. I would love to get a postcard to welcome back to Seattle for my final year of law school!

  5. Last week has gone by so fast for me as well. This week is the summer vacation for me before fall semester starts on Aug 25. I hope I can get lots of reading done.

  6. LISA!! I'd LOVE a postcard!!! I'll email you and I think I will pass on the postcard love on my blog too. How fun! Don't you love Dawn?? She is so awesome.

    I'm so excited about Kathy's tour!! I can't wait to see how everyone liked her book.


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