Mar 24, 2008

Easter Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend got off to a great start on Friday when I ended up only having to work for a few hours. I was home by noon and it was such a beautiful day with the sun shining brightly, so I went home, opened up all the windows and doors and let all the fresh air into the house. I have a magnolia tree in my front yard that is bursting with blooms so my entire house was smelling so good! On Saturday I went to the bookstore and picked up a couple books that are on my TBR list. The first one is WHILE EUROPE SLEPT by Bruce Bawer. Its about radical Islam and its affect on Europe. I've heard alot about this book and its content is so important to what is happening in the world today. It goes hand in hand with another book I'm reading called INFIDEL by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born Muslim woman who has been speaking out against radical Islam for years. She has had her life threatened more than once for her actions, not to mention her friend murdered for working with her on a documentary called Submission. The other book I picked up is a novel by Sara Gruen called WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. Its a story told by an old man who lives in a nursing home who recounts his journey thru life as he works with a circus and the life that he leads in that world.

Sunday I went to church and after not going for 3 weeks because of my foot being messed up, it was nice to get back. Our pastor, Mark, is so excited about spreading the Word of God that he makes it interesting and fun. He always has a funny story to relate to the message he is sending. I had a really nice Easter dinner with my parents afterward and spent the afternoon at their house. It was a very relaxing weekend. I got to spend alot of time reading, which I love!

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