May 26, 2008

Book Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Let me start by saying you don't have to like racing to enjoy this book. The ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN by Garth Stein is not all about racing, although there are parts that do talk about racing, but in the way a racer thinks.

This is a story about a dog and his family. His master, Denny is a Formula One race car driver (not a NASCAR driver as some presume) and Enzo, our canine narrator, does love racing, but he loves his Denny much more. I didn't know what to expect from this book. I heard about all the hype, but I guess I just didn't expect such a loving story, especially told by a dog. Having the narrator be a dog gave the story such an innocent and honest interpretation of how humans handle and react to certain situations. I'll tell you this: I'll never look at a dog the same again.

If you are lucky enough to have had a great dog, like I was, I think you'd appreciate this book even more. I lost my dear Mandy, an Australian Sheppard/Chow mix 2 years ago to old age. This book brought to the surface all the emotions and feelings I had for her. All I can say is if you are a dog lover, you will appreciate and love this book. Even if you aren't a lover of dogs, its still a great story about a family.

Sometimes when I've heard alot about a book, I tend to expect too much from it and get disappointed. Not in this case. I really loved this book. Garth Stein has a winner here.


  1. Thanks for linking me to your review from LT! Looks like a GREAT book...and one I would love because I am a huge dog lover. I have always believed our dogs know more than they are given credit for...and my life would not be complete without one in it. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dog a couple of years ago - I've lost my fur children over the years and it never gets easier.

    I'll look forward to reading this one.

  2. I agree with you that dogs are wiser than given credit for. I don't have any children either, so I always talk/treat my pets like they are little people. Some of my friends with kids think I'm nuts, but I know they (my pets) understand me, and I don't care what other people think.

    I'm sure you'll love this book, Wendy and you'll keep the story with you for a long time, I know I will. :)

  3. I've heard about this book and after reading your review I'm in! I worry about how much crying I will do though. My copy of Marley & Me ended up so tear stained it wasn't funny. I grew up with a great Cocker Spaniel and have been blessed with another one in this time of my life. I'll have to get this one soon.

  4. K - you won't regret getting this book, I promise! Aren't dogs just the best?? :) I won't lie to you, I did use a few Kleenex while reading, but that's the sign of a good story! I'll be anxious to see your thoughts after you've read it.

  5. This sounds really good and is on the list of suggestions for our book club to read this fall. Thanks for a great review, Lisa!

  6. Lisa - I think it would make an excellent book club pick. I hope it gets chosen.

  7. Hi Lisa--I work with Garth Stein and I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to pass your blog post along to him, because I know he'll want to read it! I love The Art of Racing in the Rain, and I'm so thrilled to hear that you do as well. Best, Ami Greko, Folio Literary Management

  8. Ami - I'm so happy you found my blog and my review of Garth's book. As you can tell, I LOVED the book! Thank you so much for forwarding my review to him. I hope he'll be pleased. I've been watching the NYT list waiting for his name to move up to #1. I'd love to be able to ask him to sign my book. That would be terrific! Thanks again Ami!


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