Aug 7, 2011

Review: Bloodsucking Fiends (A Love Story #1) by Christopher Moore [TSS]

BLOODSUCKING FIENDS is the first book in Moore's vampire love story series and I'm really glad I took the time to read it. It was just what I was in the mood for AND its a very quick read so I read I was done with it in just a few days..

About the Book: (no spoilers)

The story takes place in San Francisco, which I personally find to be a very interesting city.  This is where we meet Jody, who woke up dazed and confused one morning in an alley under a Dumpster not knowing what happened or how she got there. To make the situation stranger, her right hand is severely burned but seems to be healing rather quickly. Soon she figures out she has been transformed by a menacing vampire and she needs to find some answers. But there's a problem - now that she's a vampire, she can't be out during the day so she's going to need someone's help. That's when she meets Tommy, a newcomer to San Francisco who who works the night shift at a grocery store. At first Tommy doesn't know she's a vampire and he does what Jody asks, with little resistance. But eventually, the truth comes out. To compound Jody's problem, theres a murderer on the loose and the cops are snooping around because Jody and Tommy seem to have a connection to all of the victims. Together they work to find the real killer without revealing their own secrets.

My Thoughts:

BLOOKSUCKING FIENDS is a fun story that was perfect for the mood I was in when I had the opportunity to borrow it from a friend. I don't read a lot of vampire-themed books but I do enjoy them occasionally. I liked the humor Moore uses and the play on words in the chapter titles. The book is filled with original, quirky supporting characters that help move the story along and create twists and turns. I love The Emperor, a strange little guy with two dogs that lives on the streets and seems to know everything about everybody. He is still somewhat of a mystery even after finishing the book.

The bottom line is that I was completely entertained with this first book of the series and I will read the second book, YOU SUCK at some point, probably the next time I'm looking for something light and quick. I'm glad I finally made time to read one of Christopher Moore's books. I'd heard so much about him and now I'm one of his fans.

Author:  Christopher Moore
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: March 2008
Pages: 304
Source: Borrowed from a friend
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


  1. I'm not into the vampire books, but might like this one since it's humorous.

  2. Moore's books are always great fun. I think Dirty Jobs and Lamb are my favorites.

  3. Entertaining is a good thing and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I have seen these books around and often wondered about them!!

  4. I have the second one in the trilogy, but need to read this one first!


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