Jun 27, 2012

Review: Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #10) Audio Version

As you can see from my recent blog posts, I have spent alot of time recently getting caught up on the Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris in preparation for the final book coming out next Spring. I promised my BFF that I would get them all read, as she did recently, so we cold discuss! Because I have so many other books I'm also reading it took me much longer than it did her. She is being very patient with me and I'm almost there!

DEAD IN THE FAMILY, which is Book 10 in the series was a real education in family history, and I'm not just talking about Sookie here. Area 5 Sheriff Eric Northman - and Sookie's current lover - spilled everything about his lineage in the vampire world in this book, which explained a whole lot about Eric and his past. For the first time, his maker comes into the story, as does his 'young' undead sibling. Just when things seem to get a little normal for Sookie and Eric, these two come a calling and normal goes out the window. They occupy much of Eric's time and Sookie notices right off that Eric is just not his usual sexy self. But she must be careful because if Eric's sire orders him to kill Sookie, he must comply or reap the consequences.

But other issues arise to keep her mind from over analyzing the situation with Eric. When the Were's converge on Sookie's property for a monthly ritual, and inform her that there is a fresh corpse buried at the back of her property, Sookie gets very nervous.  Thing is, Sookie already knows of one body buried on her property, but who did this new body formerly belong to?

My Thoughts

I have to say that this installment is one of my favorites of the series. What I like about this series as a whole is that eventually everything is out in the open. It may take a few books, but things do come out. The fact that there is another body on Sookie's property was a great way to remind the reader that there was already one body buried there from several books ago and with the discovery of this new corpse, it was inevitable that old secrets would rise to the surface.

I thought it was high time we learn more about Eric's past and boy, did we! The fairies were also a big part of this book as well as the budding relationship between Sookie and her young cousin, the son of her dead cousin, Hadleigh. The boy brings yet another supernatural element to the story because we've recently learned that as young as he is, he also has a 'disability', as Sookie calls her telepathy. I found the motherly side of Sookie to be very becoming and showed a whole other side to our heroine.

As I plow through these last books, I am wondering what my next literary guilty pleasure will be? I'm so glad I've taken the time to read these crazy books. They may not be your usual cuppa tea, and that's why I put off reading them for so long but now I accept them for what they are and just have fun with them. I call them my 'in-between' books. Because sometimes we just need something light and fun in our lives!

As usual, Johanna Parker does a great job with the narration. I never thought I would enjoy listening to books as much as I have been lately. Choosing the right reader is the most important aspect of an audio and they picked the perfect one for this series!

DEAD IN THE FAMILY, Sookie Stackhouse #10
Author: Charlaine Harris
Publisher: Recorded Books
Published: May 2010
Length: 9 hr 32 min
Rating:: 4 out of 5 Stars
Source: Audible.com


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the series!

  2. I've heard so mamy great things about this series but haven't tried them. Your description makes me more inclined to give them a try. Ilove a series where things are revealed slowly.

  3. I love these books! I read 1-9 in a span of about two weeks last year (most of them while we were on a cruise!). I have read #10, but no further. I actually have 11 and 12 on my list for this summer. They are such fun books...I would like to start all over and enjoy them again!

  4. I have book two but after that I'm going audio, baby!!! Sounds like fun to me and I love your enthusiasm for this series!!!


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