Nov 24, 2012

Thankfully Reading 2012: Day 3 Challenge

Today's challenge question has to do with bookish family memories.  Jenn has asked us...What family bookish memories do you have? 

Well, this one is a bit harder for me to answer because, unfortunately, not many members of my family are readers. I remember discovering my love of books and reading in Mrs. McPherson's fourth grade class. Not long after, my aunt and uncle gave me a very special Christmas present. I don't even know if they realized how special it was to me. They gave me the entire set of Laura Engalls Wilder Little House on the Prairie books! I coveted those books and guarded them with my life! They were beautiful! That is my favorite family bookish memory!

I hope you enjoyed my answer to this challenge question....Now its back to reading!!


  1. I loved the Little House books too. I read them over and over when I was little.

  2. I have fond memories of the Little House series as well. I still have the box set my mom gave to me years ago!

  3. Love the Little House books. It sent me on a quest to collect everything I could find on or by Laura Ingalls Wilder! One of my family bookish memories is of my mother reading aloud to us. I loved that, but it's something I stopped doing with my boys once they learned to read. I have such great memories of all of us sitting and listening to my mom read. I should do that more with my kids.

  4. OH to be little again!!! I loved those books too!!


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