Sep 11, 2013

Audio Review: Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer (Clifton Chronicles 3)

This is the third book in Jeffrey Archer's acclaimed Clifton Chronicles and it is one of my favorite series, especially as an audio.

About the Book:
(No Spoilers)

This installment picks up right where the second left off with Giles Barrington and Harry Clifton waiting to find out who will be the successor to the late Hugo Barrington for the family corporation. The result of the vote is revealed and all seems well until Giles marries. Unfortunately, Giles is the only one smitten with Lady Virginia and that point becomes quite clear when the late Lady Elizabeth Barrington's will is read.  Giles is devastated but Lady Virginia is enraged. As the years go by, the story begins to focus more on Harry's son, Sebastian as he grows up and attends university. The story also introduces the daughter Harry and Emma have adopted, whose young life is already filled with secrets, even though she, herself, is not yet aware. 

Time usually heals wounds, but Lady Virginia's wounds are still fresh so she enlists the help of an old nemesis from Giles's past to help her gain control of Barrington Industries. Unfortunately, Sebastian ends up getting caught up in her web of deceit and he is unknowingly falling right into a trap. It is up to Giles and Harry to figure out what is really going on and who is behind this betrayal before its too late.  

My Thoughts:

One thing I really like about this series is the pace at which things happen. There is no lull or stalling of the plot between books. With some books, they may feel rushed or maybe that would cause a disconnect for the reader, but Jeffrey Archer is such a master storyteller that it is completely seamless.

I loved the addition of the new characters in Sebastian's life and how they fit into the story and though Sebastian does inhabit much of the book, Harry, Emma and Giles are still front and center as well.  Just when I thought we'd heard the last of Captain Fisher, he resurfaces to cause more trouble for the family.

I'm sure I would still like this series if I were reading the print version, but I am so glad I listen to these books. The narrator, Alex Jennings, is absolutely perfect. I love listening to his voice as he reads the pages to me. His smooth British accent is both calming and enjoyable to listen to. His inflections for the different characters are subtle yet distinctive. He is one of my favorite parts of this audio series.

Another thing I appreciate about Jeffrey Archer's writing is his ability to leave such a wonderful cliff-hanger at the end of each book.  I thoroughly enjoy his writing and I'm always completely satisfied with where the story takes me. I will continue to read The Clifton Chronicles for as long as Mr. Archer comes up with new adventures.

BEST KEPT SECRET (Unabridged Audio Version)
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Publisher: St. Macmillan Audio
Published: April
Length: 11 Hrs 15 Min


  1. You're right about his cliffhangers! I've only read the first in the series and then I never got back to the second. I hope to some day. Glad you liked it!

  2. The cliffhangers kill me, LOL! You are right that with this series, the fast pace doesn't seem rushed. I can't wait for the next installment!


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