Apr 5, 2015

Guest Reviewer: Not My Father's Son by Alan Cumming

Today I'm excited to welcome back my friend and avid reader, Emerson Clauss to my blog. He has previously been a guest reviewer here on Southern Girl Reads and now has recently finished reading Alan Cumming's memoir, NOT MY FATHER'S SON and has offered to share his thoughts on the book. Hope you enjoy!

By Alan Cumming
Review by Emerson J. Clauss, III

I must admit, I bought this book because I like the role the Actor/Author, Alan Cumming plays on "The Good Wife".   Not knowing much else about Alan or really expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised with his book.

Alan explores his own past, sharing some details that in most families, stay the family secrets  forever.   Instead, he brings us inside a complicated world of relationships, family dynamics and his realities that are extraordinary.   And he shares the sometimes grizzly details with exceptional candor.

The journey through Alan's past is full of twists and plenty of surprises.  We are brought along on this journey, to feel his pain, anguish and elation in what new things he uncovers and tries to make sense of.   Alan's strength in growing up in some difficult circumstances, continue throughout his adult journey he captures in this story.   I couldn't help but think that this strength is the same he brings to all of his roles, in real life and on screen.

An easy read, this work is a testament to the triumph over the circumstances experienced while growing up, and is a great example of survival and coming of age.  I will look forward to Alan's next work, on screen or in print.

By Alan Cumming
Publisher: Dey Street Books
Published: October 2014
Length: 309 pp

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  1. I've been wanting to read this one for a while. It sounds like a book I'd love.


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