Jun 19, 2019

2019  Summer Reading

I know it’s not quite summer yet, but I’m sure most of you are well on your way into your summer reading choices, and there are a lot out there to choose from. I’ve been lucky enough to have received some great books this season for review and I’ve shared them on my Southern Girl Reeds Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/Southern-Girl-Reads-295150096094/ ). Here’s a list of some of the books I’ve recently shared:

  • SUNSET BEACH by Mary Kay Andrews
  • MINE by Courtney Cole
  • MAN OF THE YEAR by Caroline Louise Walker
  • THE GOOD SISTER by Gilian McAllister
All of these new books were great reads and I recommend them highly. Caroline Louise Walker is a stand out as a debut writer. 

I’m currently listening to another recently published book by Patti Callahan Henry. THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER was released earlier this month. I’ll be finishing it up this week and posting my review very soon.

I’m also listening to EDUCATED By Tara Westover, the critically acclaimed memoir from last year. That review will be forthcoming as well.

Along with the new books, I’m also sharing some that have been out for a while, though I am just getting around to reading them. These days, most of the books I’m reading are mysteries, Thrillers, with some contemporary fiction thrown in. There is one classic on the list that I am especially excited about and that is MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.

This summer is sure to be a great reading experience for me, as I am on a reading binge lately and can’t seem to get enough! I hope you’ll check back periodically, either here, or the FB page and check out my thoughts on these books.

Happy summer reading!

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  1. My very short summer list posts tomorrow. I kept it short so I could work in some mood reads here and there. I love the idea of summer reading but it's been a very busy summer for me so far.


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