Jan 28, 2009

These Books Were Made For Walking Meme

Strumpet from Strumpet's Life has a cool idea for a monthly meme. It's called 'These Books Are Made for Walking" and its about books and travel. Every third Wednesday of the month, she'll pose a question for the meme. This should be fun, so play along!

This first question is: What book do you most associate with the beach and why?

My response: Even though I do live a short distance from the beach, I don't typically take books to read while there. I don't like to get them all sandy and dirty and I have a hard time getting comfortable. However, there are books that when I think of them, I instantly think of the ocean. Even if I'm not there in body, I'm there in spirit.

Pretty much any book by Dorothea Benton Frank, but most especially PAWLEYS ISLAND. All of her books are Lowcountry tales and take place beachside. When I read PAWLEYS ISLAND, it was the beginning of Spring when everything was new. Her descriptive writing was so beachy and laid back, I swear I could smell the salt air and hear the waves crashing on the beach. I was ready to pack my truck and go!

I think this is a very cool idea for a meme and I'd like to thank Strumpet for including me. I hope many bloggers will play along! I do apologize for being so late with my post. I promise to do better in the future! To read more answers to this meme, click here.


  1. I don't care if you're late, I'm just happy you're here :) I've never even heard of that book, so that makes your post even more welcome! I love hearing about new reads!

  2. Thanks Strumpet :) Her books are really great. 'Sullivan's Island' is another of her great beachy reads.

  3. I really like Dorothea Benton Frank although I've not read this one of hers. I've only read a couple, this one sounds like one I should pick up this summer.

  4. I have a house at the beach where I spend 5 months a year. I belong to the library there and it levies a $2 fine for "sand in book" --this terminology always cracks me up, but I think it is a good idea.

  5. DBF has to be one of the most fabulous writers ever! I just love her books,especially Plantation. Sullivan's Island is really good also.


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