Sep 21, 2009

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This week I'm planning to finish THE SUMMER KITCHEN by Karen Weinreb, a book I'm beginning to really get in to. It's the perfect book for end of summer. The author and protagonist both love baking and cooking which comes out in the story and as the summer winds into fall, the seasonal baking begins. I also love that time of year, so I'm thoroughly enjoying the backdrop of this novel. I plan to be finished by week's end, with my review coming thereafter.

The other book I've just started and hope to make a good dent in is Charlaine Harris' DEAD UNTIL DARK. As so many of you know, it's the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse Mystery Series. There was a two month wait at my local library for this book, so I'm more than anxious to finally be able to get started. Vampires aren't typically something I read about, but I'm willing to try something new!

Last week I finished and reviewed Chris Tusa's DIRTY LITTLE ANGELS. This was an incredible story and one that I won't soon forget. You can read my review here. Definitely a book to read should you have the opportunity.

To see what other bloggers are reading this week or to participate in this weekly meme, visit J. Kaye's Blog.


  1. The summer Kitchen sounds like a great read as does Dead Before Dark. Happy Reading!

    Mine is here:

  2. Glad you're enjoying The Summer Kitchen. Have a great week, Lisa : )

  3. I just recently read DEAD UNTIL DARK and found it to be pretty good. Definitely better than the Twilight series.. but I think the 2nd book in the series was even better. :)

  4. I am suppose to be getting Summer Kitchen but as of yet I have not... it sounds good!

  5. I'm a big Sookie fan so I really hope you enjoy Dead Until Dark. And Chris Tusa's novel was great. Have a great reading week.


  6. I just started back watching season two of TRUE BLOOD...maybe that's were my reading time has been spent. Gotta get back to reading!

  7. Hmmm...I love the True Blood series. I'm gonna have to read her books sometime soon!

    Have a great reading week! :D

  8. Hi, Lisa -

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment! I love both cooking and books, too, so I don't know how I missed your blog until now! It looks right up my alley, and The Summer Kitchen sounds like a great read.


  9. I'm looking forward to your review of The Summer Kitchen-- it sounds good!

    Have fun with the Sookie Stackhouse books :-).

  10. Have fun starting the Sookie series. Have a great reading week.
    Here's my post


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