Jan 10, 2010

The Sunday Salon: it's Winter in Florida!

Hello Saloners! I realize the rest of the country has seen winter for weeks now, but it has finally reached Florida in a BIG way! Usually this time of year it gets cold at night, but this is crazy! When I woke up this morning it was 19 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like 16. Yesterday it was sleeting here in Ocala where I live but they actually had snow flurries in Daytona Beach, which is an hour to the east of me. I don't really mind the cold as long as I'm not out in it very long. In fact, I've been enjoying it for the most part. It's perfect weather to cozy up with a book and a cup of something hot. And that is exactly what I intend to do today.

Since its been so cold out, I've also been spending more time on the computer catching up on my blog reading and reconnecting with everyone after my brief hiatus last month. I also celebrated my 2 year Blogoversary last week and posted about it here. I still can't believe its been TWO years!

But as for today, I'm going to grab a couple books and curl up on my sofa in my Snuggie and spend the day reading and watching football. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! I started reading THE HOUSE ON TRADD STREET by Karen White the other day and I immediately was drawn to the writing. The first paragraph of the first page was wonderful and I read it three times before continuing on with the book. Here's what I'm talking about -

Pewter reflections of scarlet hibiscus colored the dirt-smudged windows of the old house, like happy memories of youth trapped inside the shell of an old man. The broken pediments over the windows gave the house a permanent frown, yet the leaf-filtered sun against the chipped Tower-of-the-Winds columns lining the side piazzas painted the house with hope. It was almost, I thought, as if the house were merely waiting for a miracle. ~page 1

I just love that! I don't know if it's because I've worked in the custom home building business for so long or that I've always loved old houses, but I enjoy reading books about people and old houses and all of the discoveries found inside, both tangible and intangible. There's also another paranormal element to this book that piques my interest. I believe this book is going to be a real treat and I can't wait to get further into it.

That said, I'm off now to get settled in and begin my reading adventure. What plans do you have for your Sunday? Are you spending it with a book or are you braving the cold and going outside? Whatever your plans are, I hope your day is a good one!


  1. Where can we go for winter if we can't go to Florida? Hope you'll visit my Sunday Salon

  2. I'm reading The House on Tradd Street too...I love books about restoring old houses...and you are right...this one grabs your attention right from the start!!

  3. Happy reading Tradd Street, I'd love to get my hands on that one. Can you believe they had snow in Orlando too. Hubby swears we had some on the roof yesterday morning but I think it was just heaavy frost. It was 30 when I looked out on the lanai this morning. Stay warm and toasty my friend. Just think, in a few months , that snuggie will be hidden away. Don't you feel bad for snowbirds? I actually saw a guy in shorts yesterday. Crazy northeners!

  4. I hear you all are having some cold weather. It's even on our news here in Canada. It's all the worse since you really aren't used to it.

    Happy Reading today. You're right the cold weather is perfect for snuggling up with a book and a hot cup of something.

  5. Hey us New Englanders believe even people from FL should share our weather..LOL

    I enjoyed The House on Tradd Street - hope you do too Lisa. Stay Warm.

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  7. Hope your Sunday went as planned!! Mine was filled with correcting papers, doing laundry, and now I'm getting caught up with some blogs, and in between I've been reading.....wait for it.......The Housee on Tradd Street!!! I'm loving it too!!

    * I deleted the first one because I can't spell!!!

  8. This winter weather is brutal. I'm in Bermuda and it is 58 degrees more days than I like, it is freezing here....... for us of course. Florida with flakes of snow, that is just crazy.

    I have House of Tradd on my TBR list. Actually Lisa, I just finished Such a Pretty Girl. I recommend it to you as I remember you loved Tomato Girl and we both like sad stories. Let me know what you think if you add it to your TBR list and read it.

    Enjoy your read while being cozy.


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