Oct 5, 2010

Teaser Tuesday 10.5.10

You probably already know them, but here are the simple guidelines for this fun meme that MizB at Should Be Reading hosts each Tuesday. Anyone is welcome to play along!
  • Let your current read fall open to a random page
  • Choose 2 teaser sentences to share
  • Do NOT include any spoilers!
  • List the title and page number of the book you're getting your teasers from
My teasers today come from a book that I have been devouring this week. It is UP FROM THE BLUE by Susan Henderson.

My reflection in the glass - a lost look in the eyes, a greasy mouth that turned downward on one side - showed that the feeling I'd had that morning had traveled with me. It was a stubborn sorrow that would go home with me as well. ~ Kindle Location 3977-83 (80%)
Tillie Harris is the narrator of this troubling story recounting the year in 1976 when she was eight years old and her mother disappeared and how the family dealt with it. Over time, Tillie realizes that her mother was different than the other mothers and everything is not always as it seems. I plan to finish this gripping book later today and will have my review before week's end.

For more interesting teasers, visit Should Be Reading.


  1. Terrific teaser - mysterious and sad. Haven't heard of this one before, but it sounds like a good read.

  2. Brilliant choice of book and excellent teaser. My TT: http://www.rundpinne.com/2010/10/teaser-tuesdays-a-despicable-profession.html

  3. I have to echo everyone about what a great teaser you chose! "Stubborn sorrow" -- ugh, that sticks with me. I haven't heard of this book but I'm adding to my TBR now!

  4. Good one!

    My TT today gives sage advice :)


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