Oct 27, 2008

Musing Mondays: The Economy

Todays MUSING MONDAYS post is a question from “Scobberlotch” who asks:

How has the economy impacted your book buying? Do you think it’ll change the reading and book-buying habits of the country? Will it increase your library visits? Will it make you wait for the paperback edition instead of buying the hardcover?
Good question Karen and MizzB! My answer is simple. Yes, my book buying habits have definitely changed. Living in Florida and working as a bookkeeper in the construction industry, which is pretty much non-existent and has been now for a year, I have curbed all of my spending habits quite a bit. I do still buy books here and there, but I don't pay full price for new hardcovers. I wait for the paperback or I go to my local used book store and see what they have available. I'm also fortunate to have some authors send me copies of their books and that is a big help. I'm very grateful to them for that.
Recently, I've started buying books from Alibris, an online used book seller and so far I've been very pleased with them. You can get books for as low as $1.99! The books I've received appeared to be brand new and in excellent condition. I will also be heading to my local library as well. How about you? Are you visiting your library more? Has the economy changed your book buying habits?


  1. Good post. Thanks for telling me about Alibris. I'm going to check that out.

  2. Thanks for the link...I'll have to check that out too!

  3. I'm visiting the used bookstore more these days. On the way home I stopped by my favorite used bookstore and picked up four books that only cost the price one hardback. I visit the library on campus on a regular basis and see what new books are out.

  4. Karen & Sunny - You're welcome!

    Matt - I love my used book store! I am looking forward to our next library book sale!


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