Oct 28, 2008

Tuesday Teasers

Each week TEASER TUESDAYS asks you to:

Grab your current read.

Let the book fall open to a random page.

Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.

You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from … that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given!

Please avoid spoilers!

My teaser sentences come from page 123 of THE GUERNSEY LITERARY and POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.

It was so fast - windows all over Guernsey shook and rattled from the explosions in France, and once the coast of France was gone, it was plain as day that England could not use up her men and ships to defend us. They needed to save them for when their own invasion began in earnest. So we were left to ourselves.

This from a letter written describing how it was to be in Guernsey in the Spring of 1940 while Hilter was moving through Europe 'like a hot knife through butter'.
(I know!! That's 3 sentences - but I couldn't leave the last one out!)


  1. Lisa, I HAVE to read this book soon. I've heard nothing but good about it, and I love books about WWII.


  2. Like a hit knife through butter, LOL!

    I've got a blog tour going. Drop by!

  3. One of my favorite books of 2008!

  4. Heard about this book yesterday and this teaser makes me want to read it more!

  5. Great teaser! I've heard such wonderful things about this book! I've got to add it to my wish list.

    :) My teaser is from Finding Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn -

    Take care ~ Wendi

  6. I see this book everywhere and I didn't know it was set in WWII. I think I'm hooked. great teaser!

    And thanks for your sweet comment about my blog. :)

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one out here who still hasn't read *Guernsey ...* It's on my wish list (I *wish* I could get to it).

    Hope you're enjoying the book!

  8. I like WW2 books, I'll have to check that one out if I get the time, sounds good.

  9. I so want to read this book! Thanks for the teaser!


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