Oct 19, 2008

The Sunday Salon

Hello fellow Saloners on this beautiful day! I've waited through a long hot summer for this weather we are being blessed with here in central Florida. It's 73 degrees and sunny outside, perfect for just about anything!

I've spent most of my day so far with my nose stuck in Jayne Pupek's new novel TOMATO GIRL. I received my signed copy from Ms. Pupek this week and I would like to say Thank You to her for sending it. I just started reading it yesterday and although I'm only about 70 pages in, I'm already loving it. Her writing style reminds me of Sue Monk Kidd's and that is no small statement. The story is set in Virginia and is told by 11 year old Ellie Sanders, which brings an innocence that only adds to the story. I can hardly wait to get back to it. But I had to stop just long enough to write this post and to put on a pot of chili for supper later.

This past week was a great book week for me! Not only did I get my signed copy of TOMATO GIRL, I also got a few other books I'd ordered and an ARC from AuthorsOnTheWeb to review for them. The ARC is MAN OF THE HOUSE by Ad Hudler and the two I'd ordered are THE HERETIC'S DAUGHTER and THE GUERNSEY LITERARY & POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY. There's been so much buzz about both of those, I couldn't resist getting them.
I posted a review last week of Catherine Ryan's Hyde's THE DAY I KILLED JAMES. You can read it here. I also finished Stewart O'Nans book LAST NIGHT AT THE LOBSTER and will have that review in the next day or so.
I hope all of you Saloners are also enjoying your Sunday and have your nose buried in a great book too! Tell me, what book are you reading today? Do you choose a different book for Sundays or do you stick with what you're currently reading?


  1. I have Man of the House as well; something tells me that you will be reading that way before I do!

  2. I'm reading Michelle Moran's The Heretic Queen!


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