Mar 29, 2009

The Sunday Salon: A Good Reading Day

It's a windy, rainy day here in central Florida, a perfect day to stay inside with a good book and that's what I've been doing. We had a terrible storm in the early morning hours which woke me, so I got up, made a pot of coffee and grabbed my book.

I'm reading THE HERETIC'S DAUGHTER by Kathleen Kent this week. I started it last night so I'm only about 66 pages in. I've read some really great reviews and I've never read about the Salem witches before. I've been quickly drawn into the story and I'm planning to spend much of my day reading more.

Yesterday I went to a new-ish bookstore, A Novel Idea, that opened up a few months ago. I had heard they sold new and used books, but as it turns out they only sell used books. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with that, but it would really be nice to have an independent bookstore that sold new books in my town. If you want new books you have to go to the big chain stores. That said, I was able to leave with a couple of good finds. One is THE POISONWOOD BIBLE by Barbara Kingsolver. The other one I picked up is Michelle Richmond's THE YEAR OF FOG. Overall, I was happy with this new store. It's very cozy with a few places to sit and the owners two kitties were lounging and playing around and that gave it a homey feel.

I finished reading THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett last week and will post my review in a few days if I can tear myself away from reading! I'm falling a bit behind in my reviews but I'm planning to get caught up this week.

As for the rest of today, I'm going back to Massachusetts in the year 1690 where its bitterly cold and the threat of small pox is running rampant forcing young Sarah Carrier's family to be split up in fear that the sickness will kill them all if they don't.

Where are you this Sunday?


  1. Ha, and I'm trying to find a used book store close to my house where I can sell some of my gently used books!!

  2. We have two superstores right next to each other here, which is silly. However, on my side of town, we don't have any bookstores at all and I live in a big city!I would love it if Vroman's opened a store by me.

    I have to read The Help. I have heard too many good things about it now to ignore it any longer. Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Today is the first day in ages that we've seen the sun, but it is so windy we don't want to be outside. We have one indie store that sells new books and it is not very good, so I feel your pain.

  4. You have had a good reading week! Didn't you just love The Help?! I will be very anxious to read your review.

    Also, you have definitely peaked my interest in the Heretic's Daughter; I may have to check that one out this summer when I have a little more free time on my hands.

  5. I haven't read The Help yet. It's on my TBR. I hope that it's good.

  6. The Help is everywhere! I haven't read it so I look forward to your review. The Heretic's Daughter sounds a bit like Year of Wonders, except instead of small pox it was the black plague that was forcing families to make painful decisions.

    Good finds at the used bookstore! I just got Michelle Richmond's new one, No ONe You Know, last week.

  7. It was cold, windy, and rainy here in the thumb of Michigan!! So I did laundry, read, and blogged!! I want to read The Heretic's Daughter too! I've read about the Salem Witch Trials and the history around it so I already know that I will be interested in this book!! You picked up some great books at the used store. I love The Poisonwood Bible, this is a book that I would definitely re-read!! I just picked up The Year of Fog yesterday at the library!! LOL!!! The Help is on my list!!

    I'm running from the Feds and becoming really close to someone who should be an enemy but isn't strangely enough- The Girl She Used To Be.

  8. I LOVE the way you asked the question, "Where are you this Sunday?" Fabulous.

    I was in London, England and then Nigeria, all in one book. LITTLE BEE. I finished it just before falling asleep and today I will hopefully get my review written and posted.

    You little description of THE HERETIC'S DAUGHTER sure caught my attention. I'll have to check it out.

  9. Stephanie: There are now two used bookstores near my house!

    Ti: I think you will love The Help!

    Kathy: I'm glad at least you saw the sun today!

    Molly and Sher: Yes, I LOVED The Help! I'm looking forward toyour review as well.

    Lisa: I was actually looking for No One You Know at the store! I highly recommend The Help. And so far I'm ejoying The Heretic's Daughter.

    Staci: I'm sure that you'd enjoy The Heretic's Daughter with all of your interest and knowledge of the witch trials. I really want to read The Girl She Used To Be - can't wait to hear what you think of it.

    Karen: Thanks for the compliment! :) I'm glad I piqued your interest in The Heretic's Daughter. I'm not very far into it but I like it already.

  10. It rained here for most of the day so I did a lot of major spring cleaning. During my breaks I jetted off to London and Thailand with Katherine in Flying into the Sun by Ginger Blymyer. It's a great read and I'm really loving the way Katherine deals with the curve balls that life throws her way.


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