Mar 15, 2009

The Sunday Salon - A Southern Sunday

This past week I concentrated more on reading than on blogging. Sometimes, as you know, when you get a few extra minutes a day, its hard to decide - Do I read? Or do I blog? I'm always torn. This week, though, I chose to read. I didn't participate in the weekly memes that I usually enjoy and quite frankly, I missed the interaction with the other bloggers that play along. I did participate in Musing Mondays at Just One More Page with the topic being 'New Authors'. Being a reader who chooses to read a lot of debut novels, I was excited about that post. Personally, I read as many debut authors as I do established, sometimes more.

I finished reading JANE EYRE this week and was sorry when it came to an end. It was my first reading of it and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. You can read my thoughts on the book here.

I posted my review of THE TRIUMPH OF DEBORAH and was delighted when I received emails from the author, Eva Etzioni-Halevy, expressing her appreciation and joy with my review. I had stated that I had never read biblical fiction before and was nervous about it, but she quickly put me at ease about what I had written. You can read that review here, if you like.

I started two very exciting books this week. The first is a review copy of a book coming out in May in the christian fiction genre called SAINTS IN LIMBO by River Jordan. River is the host of a radio show in Nashville, along with being a motivational speaker. The second book, THE HELP, is by debut author Kathryn Stockett. I absolutely love southern fiction and when I tore open the package, while still standing at the mailbox, and read the first paragraph, I knew I was going to love this book.

So for the rest of my Sunday, I'm planning to return to 1960's Jackson, Mississippi, where there are three very interesting and completely different women who have a great story to tell and who have completely captured my attention. It's early on in the book for me, but its easy to see that Kathryn Stockett knows the ways of southern people and brings perfect voices to her characters. I guess you could say that I'm hooked!

Where are you this Sunday and what book are you hooked on?


  1. I do love Jane Eyre, and have since the first time I read it :D

  2. I know your dilemma between blogging and reading. There is never enough time for both!

  3. I just got back from the bookstore with Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees. But right now, I'm reading blogs. Ack!!

  4. I can't wait to read The Help - everyone seems to love it.


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