May 19, 2015

It's Release Day for BEACH TOWN by Mary Kay Andrews!

I've been a big fan of Mary Kay Andrews since SAVANNAH BLUES came out in 2002. Her wit and genuine Southern charm that she weaves into her unique stories are what keeps me coming back book after book. 

BEACH TOWN, her new release is centered around Greer, a movie location scout from Los Angeles, and the setting for the book is a small Florida town on the west coast of Florida called Cypress Key. I have a strong inclination that this fictitious little beach town may be patterned after Cedar Key, a real town that I have visited many times and is only about forty-five minutes from my home in Ocala.  As I'm reading the book, I'm imaging my memories of Cedar Key and it's making the book even more real and special for me. I know there really is a place like Ms. Andrews' Cypress Key and it is just how she describes. 

I only received my copy of BEACH TOWN late last week, so I'm still reading, but will finish up later in the week and I'll have my thoughts ready to be posted shortly thereafter. I know it's early but from what I've read so far, I believe it will be THE beach read of the summer! It already has me anxious for a short road trip to the Gulf. 

Congratulations to Mary Kay Andrews on  another winner! 

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