May 17, 2015

The Sunday Salon: A Small But Meaningful Milestone

Though I don't post every Sunday in the Salon, I wanted to today for a couple of reasons. One, to update readers on what I've been reading and want to read,  and hopefully get some feedback or opinions. Secondly, I wanted to announce a (small) milestone concerning my blog's Facebook page. (

I'll get right to the exciting news first. Several years ago I created a Facebook page for Southern Girl Reads and right away the number of Likes began to rise. Then it kind of plateaued at around 80 and stayed there for a looooong time. Granted, I ran kind of hot and cold with it so I understood the inactivity. But then, about three or four months ago, I started posting to it more and I also began posting more regularly to The Sunday Salon page on FB.and interacting more with other Saloners.  Suddenly, the number of  Like's started moving again! To my surprise and amazement, I have now passed the 500 mark and still counting! With each week I've seen the numbers climb substantially and, in turn, I've seen the readership of my blog increase as well. Though I wish the comments would also grow, at least I do know my blog is being read and that makes me happy. I know that the other members of The Sunday Salon are greatly responsible and I just want to say Thank You! Thank you for recognizing Southern Girl Reads and for clicking that 'Like' button so that others can see what you like. It may seem like a little thing, but I take this to heart and really appreciate the it! Sometimes a spark comes from something little but means so much. That little Like button has given me a spark, and in a way, has re-energized me! So, again, to all of you who have contributed to my 500+ Likes, THANK YOU!

Now, on to what I've been reading lately. I have always been a fan of Mary Kay Andrews' books and have read all of them but last week I noticed one had slippedpast me. LADIES NIGHT came out two years ago but I had lost track of it.  I knew she had a new novel, BEACH TOWN, coming out this month but unfortunately hadn't received a review copy like I had previously. So I sat down the other day to start reading LADIES NIGHT, feeling like a teenage girl that didn't get invited to the cool girl's slumber party.  Well, I am not exaggerating when I tell you that within MINUTES of me starting LADIES NIGHT, I got an email from MKA's publicist wanting to know where to send my copy of BEACH TOWN! You can't tell me someone somewhere wasn't feeling my angst! So, now, I'm reading BEACH TOWN and loving it! It's the little things in life that make me smile and I was definitely smiling that day!  MKA's books are a breeze to read and her sharp wit and Southern locales, great characters and interesting storylines are what keep me coming back. I won't have my review ready for Tuesday's release, but later in the week for sure. I think this is going to be THE beach read of the summer season!

Lucy Clarke has a new book, THE BLUE, coming out later this summer and I've hoping to get a  copy of that one soon. I've been a fan of hers since SWIMMING AT NIGHT., which was her debut novel in March of 2013  She's become an author I always look forward to reading with all of the twists and turns, deep emotional connections and exotic locales.

TINY LITTLE THING by Beatriz Williams has caught my eye and since I've never read any of her books, I'm intrigued.   A LITTLE LIFE by Hanya Yanagihara is one that I'm leaning towards listening to since it's such a big book (700+ pages) and that's the type of book I enjoy in audio form. I started THE GOLDFINCH last year and about a quarter of the way through, I set it aside. So I'm planning to finish it this summer.

Tonight on television is the series finale of MAD MEN, a show I love and will miss greatly. Though I don't want it to end, I think it's probably best for the show rather than to compromising the quality of the stories just to keep it going. I will miss the handsome Don Draper even though he infuriates me so! It's bittersweet but I'll be glued to the TV tonight at ten o'clock.

As for today, I'll be reading early on, then later going to my friend's house to play cards and wish her step- father a Happy 91st Birthday! He's recently moved in with them and I've grown quite fond of him over the years and, I swear, he's going to outlive us all! Hope you all enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a great week - 500+ likes and a new Mary Kay Andrews book!!

  2. Congrats to you for passing 500. I think that's marvelous. Glad you are enjoying your Mary Kay Andrews books and what a fun thing to hear from the publicist just as you were reading the other book. Serendipity! You've mentioned some other books I want to read and I'm trying to think of what I heard about Swimming At Night. Will go look it up. Have a good week!!

  3. I got Beach Town too but haven't started it yet. Yay on your page likes!!


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