May 11, 2015

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (Unabridged Audio Version)

Since its release a few years ago, I've heard so many great things about this book but when a few people compared the main character, Don Tillman, to Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory my interest soared and since I'm a big fan of that show, I knew I couldn't put off reading it any longer.

THE ROSIE PROJECT is a charming, funny story about a highly intelligent, very regimented, genetics professor with Aspergers who has come up with what he thinks is the best way to find himself a partner for life. The Wife Project basically consist of a detailed questionnaire that will provide him with all the facts about the prospective mate without having to waste time in actually getting to know them. His plan may look good on paper, but then he meets Rosie.  Wires are crossed and Don thinks she is one of the applicants, though he quickly sees that she is totally wrong for The Wife Project.  Rosie is actually in need of his genetics knowledge to help find her biological father.  Despite their opposite personalities, the two become friends and work together to locate Rosie's father. Along the way, Don opens himself up to things he's never considered and lets loose of his regimented schedule and begins to enjoy life's unexpected joys. 

My Thoughts on the Story:

This is such a fun book and I flew through it.  I instantly fell for Don Tillman. His logical thinking about every situation is charming and he's funny without even trying to be. That said, I do, however, think that being in a relationship with him would be trying at times. The ROSIE PROJECT is a breath of fresh air that had me smiling throughout. Along with Don, I loved Rosie. She knew exactly the kind of guy Don was yet that's what she liked about him.  She encouraged him to try new things and she enjoyed his quirkiness and that made her a very likable character.

This is not a complicated story, just a sweet story about a complex man venturing into unknown territory and being open to what may happen. It had an innocence that I loved and made it endearing. 

My Thoughts on the Audio Version:

I'm really glad I chose the audio version of this book and I thought the narrator, Dan O'Grady, did a wonderful job of portraying Don. I do listen to more audios than I ever have these days but I'm very selective as to which ones I choose. This was a great decision and I thoroughly enjoyed it.. For much of the book, I was outside raking leaves, which if you'd ever seen my yard, can be a bit of an overwhelming task, but listening to THE ROSIE PROJECT gave me something else to focus on while I worked and the time flew! I found myself laughing out loud and then looking around to make sure none of my neighbors saw or heard me. It was a fun treat and I recommend it highly.

THE ROSIE PROJECT was a wildly successful literary phenomenon for Simon & Schuster and the word is that a screenplay is being written for a feature film version.  According to IMDb, it is still in the development stage, so no word on any of the specifics. I'll definitely be looking forward to that.  It should be great fun!

THE ROSIE PROJECT (Unabridged Audio Version)
Author: Graeme Simsion
Narrated by: Dan O'Grady
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Published: 10/1/2013
Length: 7 hrs 32 mins 

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  1. Loved this one but didn't love the sequel at all.


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