Nov 19, 2008

"Waiting On" Wednesday: Saints In Limbo

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine where we share titles that are soon to be released that we can't wait to read!

My pick for this week's "Waiting On" Wednesday is SAINTS IN LIMBO by River Jordan. Although I only learned of this author very recently and I haven't read any of her five books, I am intrigued by this one. I guess you could call it Southern Christian Fiction with a Stephen King twist. Check this out from the author's website:

Ever since her husband, Joe, died, Velma True's world has been limited to what she can see while clinging to one of the multicolored threads tied to the porch railing of her rural home outside Echo, Florida.

Then one day a stranger appears at her door. Without knowing why, the agoraphobic widow welcomes him into her kitchen for coffee while she tells him stories of how life used to be, before her purposes were "all dried up." Just before disappearing as suddenly as he came, the man presents Velma with a special gift, one that allows her to literally step back into the past through her own memories to a place where Joe still lives and the beginning is closer than the end.

While Velma is consumed with the man's gift, her son Rudy is also being presented with a challenge to his self-centered, complacent lifestyle. And a teenage girl winds her way to Echo, determined to unravel the mysteries her dead mother left behind. As secrets old and new come to light, Velma finds herself unmoored from the fears of the past and feeling her way toward freedom.

This lyrical, Southern novel weaves mystical elements with tangible touches of God's redemptive grace to reveal a pattern of irresistible hope.

This sounds like a truly interesting book and I am looking forward to its release on May 19, 2009. What new book are you anxious to read? To read more responses from other "Waiting On" Wednesday's bloggers, please click here.
Update at 1:40pm: Ms. Jordan has seen this post and has graciously offered to send me an Advanced Reader Copy next month and has asked me to read and review her book! I'm so excited! You'll want to be sure and check back for that review! Thanks River!


  1. That does sound great! The premise reminds me a bit of Confessions of a Memory Eater by Pagan Kennedy.

  2. Looking forward to River's book. I've attended her events many times over the last five years, and I've recommended her novels many times.

    River's prose is a win-win for anyone interested in a good tale!


  3. Having read River's two previous books I look forward to "Saints In Limbo." River has a lyrical southern voice and weaves interesting tales.


  4. I loved River Jordan's 2 previous books and have been anxiously waiting her next!

  5. Lenore - yes, you are right!

    Roy and Caroline - I am very anxious to read her new book as well as 'Messenger on Magnolia Street'.

    Herman - I love a good storyteller! That's the magic of a great book, in my opinion.

  6. "...lyrical Southern novel..."

    I'm in!

  7. I enjoyed her last book.
    It was an intriguing mystery
    woven with the interplay of
    interesting characters (that I felt like I knew as the story unfolded) I look forward to reading River Jordan's next writing.

  8. I'm always looking forward to River's "next book", and they never come quick enough for me! As soon as I finish the last line of one, I'm anxious to pick up the first line of the next. She just simply needs to write 24/7 to please all of her fans!

    Can't wait for Saints in Limbo, River!


  9. I am compelled to read "Messenger of Magnolia Street" every few months. It simply swept me away and I've just pre-ordered "Saints In Limbo". I am forever grateful to the friend who got me hooked on River's books and wouldn't think of missing any!

  10. I discovered River Jordan over the last year and I love her stuff. She paints such a complex and beautiful environment and set of characters that I get swept away. Even the title of this one has me rapt. Saints in Limbo. It's just so real.


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