Jul 16, 2008

Lightening Strike Update

Fortunately, things are moving along nicely with my insurance claim. I’ve had the necessary assessments on certain items that were damaged in the lightening storm. Here’s what we ended up with: Three televisions, 1 computer/monitor, 2 telephones.

One of the televisions is functioning, but all the people are blue. It’s like The Blue Man Group who perform in Vegas. Since I can only handle watching blue people for so long (not to mention the fact that there’s not much on tv anyway) I’m getting a lot of reading done. I’m finding I don’t miss it all that much. What I really miss is my computer.

I’m happy to say that in the 15 years I’ve had this homeowners policy, this is the first claim I’ve made and they (Cotton States Insurance) are making the process go smoothly. I’m having everything replaced and as it turns out I’m making out like a bandit! For the small deductible amount I have to pay, I’m getting much better items than I had before and they’re being shipped to me! I don’t have to go shopping (which I despise), worry about who’s going to drive me, how much I can spend and how to get the stuff home. It’s such a breeze!!

Yesterday, my claims guy called and we went over the items I’ll be receiving. Wow! Am I happy or what?! Since the CRT televisions are becoming extinct, all of my tv’s are being upgraded to LCD HD Flat Panels!! My 27” was upgraded to a 32” HD Flat Panel widescreen! I’m so excited! My computer was upgraded from a Dell (ancient model) to a HP w/ Vista Premium. I’m not so sure about the Vista part, but I’ll give it a try. I can always downgrade back to XP if I want. (Or so I’m told)

Because I spend so much time at home, it’ll be nice to have all new toys! Oh and believe me, I’m investing is some top quality surge protectors too!


  1. That does sound like a good deal. I am glad the process is going smoothly. Often you hear about how insurance companies make the claims process horrible; I am glad to read that you are having a nice experience.

  2. Thanks and yes, its quite surprising how easy its been. :)

  3. I lost a computer in a lightening storm out here in California of all places.. I know how you feel! Yes, do invest in some good surge protectors.


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