Jul 14, 2008

Manic Monday

This was the first full weekend that I was away from a computer completely. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I didn’t realize how much I’m addicted to it. I think I took it for granted before. However, I had other things going on this weekend to keep my mind off my electrical issues at home.

Letting Go: Saturday was a milestone for me. Since I quit driving last November, my pretty red Dodge pick up had been sitting motionless, except for the times it got moved to have the yard mowed. The squirrels were trying to take it over and if you could see the size of the squirrels I’m talking about, you’d understand my concern. My neighbor, who has almost no trees in her yard feeds them peanuts and corn on the cob, which they bring to my tree-filled yard, eat the corn then discard the cobs. It took me awhile to figure out where all the cobs were coming from. These squirrels are mammoth-sized!

Because of my eye disease, I’ve known for quite awhile that for the safety of others I needed to give up the privilege of driving, so I’ve taken baby steps:

November ‘07: Quit driving
February ‘08: Cancel Insurance
May ‘08: Turn in drivers license to DMV. (They look at you funny when you tell them that’s why you’re there. I’m guessing they don’t get that much!)
July ‘08: Sell beloved truck

I finally bit the proverbial bullet and sold my truck. To my cousin. Hey, at least I sold it! I’ll still get to see it occasionally, as she has offered kindly to tote me anyplace I should need to go. This may sound silly to some, but I have an attachment to that truck. I’ve had that truck almost longer than my ex-husband and unlike him, it has never let me down. It’s a beautiful truck – shiny red with a diamond plate toolbox and pretty chrome wheels. I live in the south and we southerners love our trucks! Even we women southerners.

As I was cleaning out the glove box and console compartments it was like a stroll down memory lane. I found things in there I’d forgotten about or should’ve destroyed long ago.

After we traded money for title and hugged, my cousin climbed in my truck and drove it away. I became weepy as I watched it creak down the street (it needs shocks) for the last time. No more will the ‘Remember #3’ Earnhardt decal be seen on the dark tinted window – it will be replaced by a Harley Davidson decal, I’m sure.

So my loving boyfriend took me out to get my mind off my truck. We had a nice dinner and met some friends for drinks afterwards, which leads me to the next thing that kept my mind off my electrical issues at home.

Lesbian Encounters: I don’t know what it is about me that attracts lesbians but I have more women hit on me than men. Even with my very handsome boyfriend sitting next to me. I have had friends who are lesbians, and I don’t have issues or anything, but they seem to be more bold than men.

Saturday night as we were waiting on friends to arrive for drinks, this nice looking woman approaches John and I and starts immediately fingering my hair and telling me how pretty she thinks it is. She introduces herself as Dee and I introduce myself and my boyfriend. She continues to shower me with compliments and finally moves on. John says to me smirking, ‘We haven’t been out in weeks and the first 5 minutes we’re here, a lesbian is trying to pick you up.’ I counter with ‘You don’t know she’s a lesbian’. He says, ‘Trust me’. Later when our friends arrive, I ask if she knows anyone there with the name Dee. My friend quickly replies, ‘Oh, yeah, she’s the lesbian sitting across the bar.’ My boyfriend almost choked on his drink.

Later a couple comes in who are friends with my friend and joins us. Very nice people and a good looking couple. We have a good time with them and later as they’re leaving, the woman (petite blonde, big boobs) comes over, runs her fingers through my hair and says in my ear, ‘why don’t y’all come to our house and join us in the hot tub?’ I’m two for two! John just shakes his head.

So his mission to get my mind off my truck worked. I didn’t think about my truck at all!


  1. I am also attached to my car and I completly cried when I had to give up the car I had nicknamed Big Mama. I just paid off my current car Birdie and I would probably be sobbing uncontrollably if I had to watch it drive away from me. I am glad that your loving boyfriend took you out and I am glad you are taking steps to take care of yourself and manage the eye situation.

  2. My truck was named Ramalama (it was a Dodge Ram). Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. It's nice to know someone relates. I've always been a very independant person and its a big adjustment to say the least. I live in a somewhat rural area so I depend on the kindness of family/friends to help me get around.

  3. It sounds like Ramalama is going to be well taken care of which will hopefully make you feel better.


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