Feb 1, 2008

Crazy Weather

One day its hotter than you-know-where and the next day you're wearing sweaters! This crazy weather here in Florida is literally making me sick! This cold kicked my butt! I felt it coming on and no amount of vitamin C et al was going to keep it away. Its bad enough I spent all last weekend on the couch covered up with boxes of tissues, throat drops and the telephone within arms reach of me. Then I missed a few days of work this week, too. I usually only get sick once a year and most times its in February.

I'm going to read a book this weekend that a friend recommended to me. Its called THE ALCHEMIST. Its an older book about following your dreams from what I can gather. My friend said he enjoyed it and said I could knock it out in just a few days. I'll be sure and post my review after I finish it.

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